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  1. Sorry I gotta debunk you but crawlers don't get killed by the Centrifuge. :/
  2. [brains] For you! You definitely deserve it! Phenomenal post.
  3. I had predicted it would be announced bu the 20th of this month but apparently not! The have to announce it soon because the next call of duty is coming in September and if I were them i would try to get 5 map packs in. WaW was supposed to have 5 but they ran out of time. They should at least release the names of the maps.
  4. FAIL. not showing. View it in a new tab. P.S - I just have to say - You dundahead!
  5. So I was playing on kino with me friend and we just finished a dog round. I was in the room with the meteor and the Manhattan down letters. I had the zues cannon. I fired 3 shots so I could reload for the Max ammo and my friend said a radio started playing. I didn't have my volume on but he said it played and he heard it mention the illuminati and how the zombies were getting even more unstable for some reason. I tried lighting up that entire room again and found nothing. He might be BSing me but I just wanted to get the ideo out there just in case someone could try it and maybe get it to work.
  6. :facepalm: Ok. No need to be an attention whore here. GTFO of these fourms if you are gonna lie.
  7. I do agree with you in some ways. But the thing is: It's probably done and gonna be carried on into the next map.
  8. Actually doesn't sound too hard, but I'm gonna call it not true. Freedom is way too far-fetched
  9. yea true. the thing is there are lots of BS players on xbox.
  10. Nice find. Kind of random but on GKnova6 I saw on one of the TV's like Bahoiudajh or something it didn't say exactly that but it did say whatever is on the little sign next to the power on ascension. If i'm correct doesn't it say that on the centrifuge too?
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