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  1. Basically, I stumbled upon the following link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_Cosmonauts It is an interesting conspiracy theory and brings up many thoughts about space travel, covered operations, and the cold war. This section caught my eye! It's the lunar landers! Please lend me your thoughts, provide fuel for my fire =)
  2. Considering I've stuck with sony since the ps1, I have tons of accessories and almost consider all of my PS stuff an investment. I still like me some ps3, though all of my friends have teh box. As of late though, I really haven't had much time to even game. The last round of zombies I played was on my iPad!
  3. Yeah..... about that... My ps3 is completely dead. I ordered a refurbished new style ps3 for christmas though. Turns out it died too I can't really do much with out meh zombies. Perhaps purchase an xbox or go back to pc again. I missed you guys :mrgreen:
  4. I cannot wait for all the fun to be had. Bronies? In CoDz? Nah.... that would nev- *sees faust's avatar* My lord. Anywho, its great to be back. I was reading up on all of the theories being tied up. I recall completely doubting there would ever be a moon map. Haha, I was truly wrong. Hopefully our friends at Treyarch will continue to support their loyal community, unlike some other unmentionable companies. Any ideas as to what is next? I'm hoping the story will be /completely/ wrapped up here. But there is always another CoD to be made, I assume. brohoof
  5. O hai. Yes, I am back. Back to posting, back to trolling, and back to enjoying the awesome site that is CoDz. It was a longggggggg hiatus. My PS3 died, was resurrected, and died again. I now have all the maps, and have been enjoying them since. But there was this little hole in my heart. Something begging me to return. I couldn't quite remember, but something about Carbon's cute little face. Whatever it was, I'm back. Everyone seems to be doing well, and I look forward to interacting with all of the old members, as well as the new faces. In other news, did I miss anything major?
  6. We "sent" them to paradise in COTD, and shangri-la, for those that look it up, is supposed to be a heavenly paradise. Obviously not in this case! It will be interesting to play, a ton of running thru small spaces, new weapons, the whole shabang. But the most interesting part will be seeing what hints will offer us the clues to the next part of the storyline. Maybe paradise was ruined by 115? =D
  7. Also, Carbon, as a recommendation when we do hit-up the social media storm, giveaways get you out there in a jiffy.
  8. I could also help with the twitter account. Considering the fact that I've been addicted to twitter for five years now =)
  9. Changing classes from the web sounds pretty cool. Going a bit far with the facebook integration though. That's downright awkward. Especially when I have fun liking things like Victoria's Secret just to troll or something....
  10. Unless you wanna pay for my plane, housing, and expenses, SURE!
  11. Yeahhhhh america!!!!!! Have fun guys!
  12. I can has russian accent? Also, I think I may post this on Chaos Drop Zone, if you don't mind. It sounds like quite the undertaking.
  13. Times two. Bob, or panda, we still doing this???
  14. N3WE is most definitely Takeo. As was stated in this forum, he loves speaking like the Japanese royalty he is, thus in haiku's etc. viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3568/
  15. Someone didn't go thru the whole forum...
  16. Many of these lyrics are from previous songs as well, thus it is good to see an ongoing connection. Sam is speaking all over this song....
  17. See it on the base of the lighthouse? What do you think? Derp
  18. The reason it says RPK in the corner is because he switches to the rpk after this unknown weapon. Doesn't take away from the fact it's awesome.
  19. Oh it is. You must find it =) It's a little easter egg.

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