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  1. My current FB profile photo. And my old one.... heheh
  2. actually....that's a good idea, I like this. Wouldn't that be hard to judge though? Besides wwk and a few others?
  3. I like the ring to that. A cult classic forum =) I like the user of the season idea!!! I want fall. Tis my favorite season....
  4. Yeah, he hasn't changed any for quite some time =( I wants mah wwk =) Back on topic: What kind of categories could we do? Respective UOTY for consoles? Expanding the tags system would be awesome.
  5. This sounds the most plausible, I'll have to check... And I am quite sure that it is not from stamin up. I know the song it plays, and I like it =)
  6. Playing around on ascension, and had my headphone volume extremely high. We had finished majority of the easter egg, except past collecting letters. I was chilling out by the stamin up, and heard a whistle similar to that of the rest of the puzzle. I looked up and to the left, on top of the building where you open the next door, and I believe I have found a generator similar to that of the one that is sucked into the gersch device for the first step. The whistle was quite evident, but I would like someone else to help confirm this. Crappy cell phone picture to come soon.
  7. I can assist in the twitter, if you would like. I'm pretty close to twitter, haha!
  8. urghhhhhhhhhh.... looking right now.....
  9. Found something to record. Seems to work when I tried it... http://www.extralabs.net/skype-recorder.htm
  10. I can also provide music, my own such. Just tell me what to make =)
  11. Maybe. Or seeing what is up with sam and the lunar activities/ 115 again. I still think it may go to area-51 sooner or later.
  12. That would be EPIC. But too early. Treyarch still has more maps to release, I can virtually guarantee it. Though it is hard to believe they can top ascension, they will find a way. Oh boy, will they. And if they don't...well....we won't go there. ^^
  13. Theory time. After watching this (Thanks again to whoever posted it)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nbphPpY7fI It seems that the "mystery man" was actually dead, but much like the zombies, was trapped one way or another in that four light fixture you help in the final sequence. He says "Yes, I am free, I cannot thank you enough." Seems like you saved his soul from the wrath of Sam. Thus, he thanks you with the death machines. Sounds right? Also, I'm sad to say that it seems that that is the whole easter egg from my standpoint. Someone find more things please!
  14. Urinals Thyme Bwahahaahaha. Though I did notice REALITY as one of the words. Reality something........ Dreamland theory? I don't want to think so. And someone brought up YURI. Other than the funny japanese images that popped up in my head, Yuri the scientist may work out. Props to all. Can't wait till I get the packs.

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