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  1. Yes I've been reading the site since GKNOVA6, but never had anything of value to contribute until now. :)
  2. Just heard about this and didn't see anything on it so I decided to post it. PROOF: http://www.treyarch.com/news/434 It is called the "First Strike Map Pack" and will be available on Feb. 1st (Xbox Live only at first) It will cost 1200 Microsoft points or $15. It consists of 4 Multiplayer maps and one zombie map. Multiplayer maps: -Kowloon: Based off the Kowloon area in SP, it is a "raining rooftop map". -Berlin Wall: Located in Berlin (obviously) and it is a battle between east and west Berlin. -Stadium: An athletic complex/hockey rink in the Northeastern US. -Discovery: An abandoned German research station from WWII. Zombie map: -Ascension EDIT: Apparently, the MP maps will have a greater focus on variety of gameplay, more sniper oppurtunities, more interactibility (supposedly at least one interactible item in each map). EDIT 2: Updated maps with a brief description. EDIT 3: Link to thread with early pictures. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4179

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