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    Random instant pentagon theif kill!? and PAP glitch

    i dont have lve, and its not a biggie i didnt do it on purpose it was by chance, lol

    Random instant pentagon theif kill!? and PAP glitch

    come on has anyone even bothered to try it, i cant be the only one who has found this out!?

    Random instant pentagon theif kill!? and PAP glitch

    one more thing, i have no idea if you have to do something to do this glitch all i know is that we did it in the PAP room (without ray gun and winters howl/fury) i used stake out and bro used Galil or some other LMG
  4. this has only happened to me once but me and my bro were in the pack a punch room and the scientist guy came we blasted at the teleporter and he died the second he set foot out of the teleporter has this ever happened to anyone else before? and if you have less than 5000 points (to PAP) and you try to PAP a gun it wont let you do it but i do this on spiltscreen and it makes the PAP machine stay available instead of flipping around on the wall and disappearing, try it and tell me what you think. P.s when you next use the machine (with enuf money) it will go almost instantly.

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