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  1. Yeah very good idea, i thougt about it too. According to "Operation Neu Schwabenland" the Nazi-German scientists escaped in the end of the war with a submarine to a secret underground facility on south pole. Accourding to the theories the scientists took "the Bell" (Die Glocke) with them to finish the experiments on it and finally win the the war with their new Wunderwaffe. --> The flying saucer Here´s some cool stuff about it: 3WNb-rUBlYk
  2. Ha ha so awesome! im laughing the whole time. i love the german accent of Richtofen.
  3. I would like a Sentury Gun or a Sentury attached with a Flamethrower.
  4. Happy B-Day & thanks for making this awesome site!!!
  5. Hey guys check this out! Ascension – the new Zombie map that is included with the upcoming First Strike map pack – is set to include a couple new weapons, perks and enemies when it lands on February 1st. Ascension is set in a abandoned Soviet cosmodrome and has you playing as one of the regular cast of characters (Takeo, Nikoli, Dempsey, and Rictoffen). While playing the new Zombie map you will have the misfortune of coming up against new enemies, including Space Monkeys who steal your perks! Luckily, you’ll have a few new weapons at your disposal to see off the hordes of zombified bad guys (and Monkeys); the Gersch Device or “Black Hole Bomb” and Matryoshka Dolls. You’ll also have two new perks available in Ascention; Stamin-Up and PhD Flopper, the benefits of which have not been confirmed yet. Still no footage or screenshots of Ascension, but hopefully that’ll be declassified soon. Source: http://www.codblackopsblog.com/ascensio ... d-enemies/
  6. ...first of all [brains] [brains] 4 U! BUT a dog has paws! On the image it easy to see that there are hands and feet. For me it still looks like monkey!
  7. First of all, welcome to the forums! This COULD be a huge find! You deserved ur first brains. [brains] to be honest, since HL and his GKNova0 stuff im very sceptical with those videos on youtube. Im not sure if this is real or hoax. But from a neutral point of view, it looks like a professional production for me. It took for sure an enormous effort to create all those documents in such an authentic way. Even the signature of Richtofen is in old german handwriting style. As a german i know how the slyle looked in the past. All in all it looks incredibly authentic that im confused now. :? So here´s my result of the first quick analysis: -photos of the characters: each character has a photo and kind of medical/psycological protocol signed by E. Richofen as their Doctor some parts are blacked out, Richofen only has Samanthas note. That could mean that Richtofen manipulates Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo as their subjects for something. Maybe he brainwashed them to accomplish his own goals not only to defeat the Zombies? Remember from [email protected]: "Beware of the Doc"? -the note of Samantha: "went down to the lake, stumbled on a secret, will not sleep again..." right next to the note is a space capsule travelling to the moon. In the later documents (video part C at 0:26) is a list of sources for element 115: Shi No Numa, Tunguska, Groom Lake, der Riese, THE MOON! -Takeos date of death: 12-08-1976 More findings will follow...
  8. I already posted my emblem, but here´s my updated one:
  9. now after playing the last three levels again, i finally got my achievements!!! Hurray!! 8-)
  10. Hi, on the bottom pic a can see Super Marios Face in the middle Maybe im stupid or blind, maybe both, i dont see anything... sorry :?
  11. Hey today i made some research in the campaign missions and i came to my own therory for the next map: we know that the next map is called "Ascension"... :idea: :shock: I think "Woods" will be the new character or is the character on the Portrait, because he has the infamous tattoos on his arm (115+Werewolf) U remember? 8-) If he is involved, his debut to the storyline must be somewhere between 1961 and 1963 because in the very first scene of the campaign (in the Pub in Cuba) you can see that Woods has no tattoos on his arms at that time. The first mission takes place in 1961. Here´s the pic: First time to you can see his tattoos is in Mission 3 in Baikonur. It takes place in 1963. Heres the pic: Why should he have a tattoo of something he never was involved with? In the mission at Baikonur Airbase, it is one of ur objectives to eleminate Dragovic and the ASCENSION SCIENTISTS -->those guys who probably created the Thundergun! (my guess) [is it random luck? i dont think so!] For me its the proof that the next map will be at Baikonur Cosmodrome and will take place in the early 60´s, further more that this map will take place before Kino, and our Heros possibly "imported" the Thundergun to West-Germany. Thats why the russian weapon is in Kino and on the other maps. What do you think about it? [brains] *EDIT Just take a look on gknova6.com again... Maybe this is from the upcoming mappack..? Im sure most of you already know this image... What we see is definetly a Quick revive automat, but it cant be on FIVE because it has another location. So maybe this is already a scene from the new map..?
  12. Great find!!! Good work as usual. 8-) Its very nice for me to read something in my mother language.. If you guys need something more translated, just tell me what you wanna know.
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