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  1. elO4Nq2WB-s i was doing my normal thing on you tube checking some ww2 videos and i found this
  2. they dident show ascension last time so i thought they woulded show call of the dead this time
  3. it is possible that reznov wasent even there at all.
  4. they steal perks too look at the video when he throws the grenade at the monkey look at his perks they start to fade
  5. when he said try throwing a grenade at the monkey, look at his quick revive its starting to blink
  6. we have known this for a while, but your new, use the search feature up there by the FAQ and the Members button before posting, second thought none of this stuff is true try Finding out your information before posting mmm Kay? kay :3
  7. Nikolai:This S*** taste Like Vodka, hey I like Vodka (after drinking PHD Flopper)
  8. Kazakhstan is where Executive order was taken place so its probably there
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