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    Hi. How are you? Me? Oh, I'm fine. No, the swelling has gone dow- Um. On topic. So after getting through Black Ops on Veteran, (which due to it being very difficult and me being very bad took a while) I noticed something. I'm dearly hoping we as a forum have passed the no spoilers stage and I can drop some S-Bombs at will. So when you figure out it was Reznov who brainwashed you, it shows a scene wherein Viktor is standing above you, in full Vorkuta prisoner attire, and is explaining calmly about what he is doing. If you remember, Reznov was a particularily important prisoner, which would make him highlighted to the guards. The room they were in was locked 3 times over, if you walk over there during the flashback. So here I go: How did Reznov get there? Why did they leave Mason there? If you remember, Dragovich says "Take him back to his cell". So why is he still there? I'm fully open to the idea I missed something, or it gets handwaved somewhere. Someone help me before I turn to drinking orphan tears to dull my confusion.
  2. Uh... fail Infinity Ward is fail?
  3. Thanks for the "4th Grade Definition" But now I get it. And... I need to go take an Advil or something.
  4. Ah. I see what you did there with that "unearthed" pun. Also, headaches. What causes headaches? This post. What does this post have? Good new stuff. What does... uh... goddammit... brains.
  5. The forums have ears...
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGGuzxuo06w&feature=fvwk look at 0:13. Carbon dun got a Spy Plane :D
  7. Because we caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare Nah welcome back :mrgreen:
  8. Kimo noob is noobish. I don't know how to embed pictures. I just never had to But yeah.
  9. I have Vietnam. I also have Battlefield 1943, but I don't know if you'd want that. I also have... Deadliest Warrior the Game?
  10. I just wanted Shipment back :(
  11. Oh hello there everyone. Welcome. SO, getting to buisness; I would like more fileshare space. I [OBSCENITY] love theatre mode n stuff. But, I won't pay more than 5 bucks for it. Just saying. Second idea. I'd like a Classic Map Pack DLC. While I do mean the zombies maps, I also hope they pull an Infinity Ward and give us some WaW maps. I for one loved Makin, Thoughts? Death Threats? Allegations about my mother? It's all welcome here.
  12. Eh. Seems legit. I appreciate this. Brains.
  13. Kimo


    Sup. Welcome to teh forumz. You have any questions, don't be afraid to ask a friendly neighborhood mod. (or me)
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