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  1. I don't even own crisis
  2. While I was waiting for Escalation to download, I took a look at my system's memory. Under Black Ops, I saw a pending download called "Retaliation." Is this the name of the next map pack or an alternate name for Escalation?
  3. I've started the next round and it was a regular round. Nothing out of the ordinary
  4. the best you can do is look at the screen near a landing pad
  5. That sounds like a plan, but were there any crawlers in the Ascension gameplay?
  6. With the strategy I use, I don't even need to hit the box until round 25+. I upgrade the Colt first and then get an off the wall gun to get points with. I don't really need the new perks for it to work. They sound nice, but they aren't anything that I would buy until I have access money. It sounds like PHD Flopper will be more useful than Stamin-up. You can already walk faster than zombies. I think that the perk machines the players won't be guarding during the monkey round will be the new ones.
  7. Sorry, I forgot to link the podcast. I fixed it now
  8. http://bit.ly/fHYF9G At around 1:10 Josh Olin describes the new perks. Phd Flopper: Less explosive damage, and a mini blast around you when you dive to prone Stamin-up: Run fast with heavier weapons and sprint for a longer amount of time
  9. i thought they were attacking the stammin up perk? In that specific clip they were, but in the other one, they were at the quick revive, the player just wasn't near the machine
  10. that's the bulging i was talking about, Monkeys were attacking the quick revive machine
  11. I was watching the Inside Xbox video again and when they showed the monkey round, the perks in the bottom left corner start bulging. They also show the monkeys attacking the PHD Flopper machine. I think that the monkeys take your perks by destroying the machines, and you have to stop them from doing so in order to keep your perks.
  12. the gersch device act's like a death trap for zombies but as a teleporter for us. and if you look closely at the purple perk there's a nuke or radiation emblem witch is probably tactical mask. and if you look at the box you could see a AK47 I think, hopefully. :ugeek: Where wud we teleport to? Everyone missed it if you watched the video on youtube, but at the end of the inside xbox, they show some more footage of ascension. They show a close up of the phd flopper machine and then all the characters jump into the gersch device and the screen turns white.
  13. Guys, I just looked closer. The perk at :33 is Stamin-up, and the machine is around :35 in the corner. Phd flopper is the purple perk and the machine at 3:05.
  14. at :33, you see the perk that goes with the machine at 3:05
  15. I didn't see any about it, and it's a new machine. Look in the bottom left corner. The machine looks like a skyscraper, so i'm guessing that's Stamin-up
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