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  1. http://www.justin.tv/thatgamingshow#/w/1660146400/6 i am NOT advertising them, but they found samantha! she came out of the black pyramid type thing. :shock:
  2. I was looking through the upcoming "Call of Duty XP" event and here's what I came across- "Call of Duty XP embraces players of all skill levels with numerous gaming competitions throughout the event. Hone your breach-and-clear skills in Spec Ops, shoot your way to the top in King of the Hill matches or outlast wave after wave of the shambling undead in Zombie Survival mode" ZOMBIE SURVIVAL MODE?? Let me know what you think.
  3. I dont think its been posted so heres a few images of the new Call Of The Dead poster: http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/44124/ ... -one-sheet (Im pretty sure i see an ak-47 by the way)
  4. I do admit, the multiplayer maps still look sick. Hotel and Zoo look the best to me.
  5. In case you didnt see the GTTV episode featuring Escalation...you didnt miss much. Not one thing about zombies, they didnt even mention it. :evil:
  6. http://www.callofduty.com/blackops/dlc2 ... creenshots There is a new screenshot out that shows the map "Stockpile". You can see there is a missile of some kind in the air. At first I thought it was a valkyrie rocket but on the map it doesn't show that there is one in the air, I was just wondering if anybody knew what kind of rocket/missile it is. (By the way, I am new here so please don't hate ) EDIT: (its the first picture, the one with the famas acog)
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