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  1. Yeah. And we put down Sad Little Samantha and it earned his IP a ban so he can't even view the forums anymore. I can't believe this actually needs saying. No TAMB. Ever. I don't care if it's just for fun or a joke he is not to be on these forums. Anyone caught giving him access will have their balls removed and fed to our resident Hellhound. -Jolteon
  2. Just a heads up, although you SHOULD all know this; anyone letting TAMB use their account will be punished. He is BANNED and is not to have any access to this site whatsoever. Anyone giving him access will be treated as an accessory to murder. And by murder I mean murder of the English language. Good day and good night. -Jolteon
  3. We've hit 100% on our donation goals :D

  4. EJ this petty war is useless. We are both powerful electrical beings. Rather than fighting for dominance, we should work together and RULE.   What say you?   -Jolteon
  5. Defend Naitrax? i LEARNED those words from Naitrax. He is not the innocent one you think he is.   -Jolteon
  6. Well your mother and I had a lovely night out at this quaint Italian place last week and I think I might call her back for a second date! She's a lovely lady, but I must admit her son is a little bit of a pesky one!   -Jolteon
  7. We have some new Green faces! Finally some fresh meat to put through the grinder >:D

    1. Slade


      Booms first.

  8. War? You think this is war? I call this sport!   -Jolteon
  9. You'll need that education if you ever want to come close to defeating me.   -Jolteon
  10. I don't need black magic to make you look a fool.   -Jolteon
  11. This is not the first war I have fought. Ask Fated Titan about how I destroyed his hopes and dreams.   -Jolteon
  12. You sir are beginning to embarrass yourself.   -Jolteon
  13. I love it. I feel like I should add something to my sig too. Imma do that right now.   On the education thing again; I am doing a course that doesn't involve any exams, all coursework, (ignoring the extra film studies A Level I'm doing) and I'm getting some fantastic results. Exams just really are a weakness for me and I feel they don't give a fair reflection on my ability. Unfortunately, a prospective employer will look mostly at your grades and THAT is what pisses me off. Perhaps I am just arrogant, but I consider myself above average in terms of intelligence, ability and capability and yet due to the nature of which we are judged during education I appear at times even below average purely due to my sometimes poor exam results. I guess it's not the system I hate, but the world outside the system that purely judges on how well you did within that system.   -Jolteon
  14. I wasn't saying that the entire system is wrong, just the concept of an entire years worth of education effectively coming down to what you remember. For the most part what we get taught is actually pretty good (although I'd like to see some sort of lesson on life skills; paying taxes, getting loans, money management. I don't know about America but we don't even get taught a little bit of that). I just hate exams because they often don't reflect an individuals genuine ability. Perhaps I am bias having been a victim of this going wrong. I am more than capable of completing higher level maths, and yet when it came to the exam, it ended up being way too difficult because I was too stressed to actually think straight. The exact same thing happened in Biology and Chemistry and I ended up failing the entire year.   In short, the education system in general doesn't suck. The concept of the final exam sucks.   -Jolteon
  15. The education system is all wrong in my opinion. Out in the real world 99% of the time you'll have plenty of resources at your disposal to get the job done. The concept of the exam where everything has to come from memory is completely wrong in my opinion. It works for some subjects, sure, but for the most part I think it's not the right way to go about things.   Nathan, in America they call University College so technically Festo is talking degree level   -Jolteon
  16. Looking super sexy in super cyan :D Thanks to everyone who voted for me

    1. Naitrax



      You took my only pleasure away.

    2. way2g00d


      I didn't. Only the legacy bots voted for you sir.

    3. Electric Jesus

      Electric Jesus

      Seeing you in sexy cyan was the only reason I voted.

      well, the MAIN reason I voted.

  17. I'll meet with you Nemesis   Last year I met MrRoflWaffles, saw but didn't speak to LiamFTWinter, and had a lovely conversation with Birchy who used to be on these forums (although for the life of me I can't remember his CoDz name... Always knew him as Birchy...)   I'm planning on meeting up with Avenged Lullaby as she's going this year too. Although that won't be so weird given we're good friends outside of forum life   -Jolteon
  18. @Nemesis_96 I'll be there on the 27th also.  I know a few people that are going from the Zombies community, and I wouldn't be surprised to meet a few of them there   -Jolteon
  19. Welcome home my friend.   To be honest I won't likely get it on release. The Arkham games always go on the Steam sale so I'll probably wait till then and get it on PC. That's what I have the first three on.   Noted. If I get the time over summer I'll give it a play through. It'll be on the long list of games on my Steam that I haven't actually played yet.   -Jolteon
  20. @Boom it looks fantastic. Still need to play Arkham Origin if I'm honest. Only time I've actually played it was a 10 minute demo at Eurogamer.   -Jolteon
  21. That's why I often use a controller on PC. I don't care what these "PC master race" people say, for most games I find it infinitely more comfortable and easy. I get huge hand cramps playing a game with a lot of controls on a Keyboard and Mouse. Even with a Mouse with 7 different commands set up on Zombies.   -Jolteon
  22. Just gotten news that my best friends sister was killed this morning. A strong reminder that life is fragile and precious and we all need to live every day as if it were out last. She was only 21.   Seriously guys, treasure every single moment you are alive because you never know when it'll be gone.   -Jolteon
  23. Veteran is ex staff only. We wanted to give back to the people that gave so much to CoDz during their time here   -Jolteon

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