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  1. This has probably been brought up, but I keep seeing people talking about Paradise being a jungle utopia kind-of-thing... The fact that Paradise is capitalized in the achievements leads me to believe that it is Paradise Ranch, aka Area 51 (check the nicknames: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_51). It would also fit into the story very nicely of course. Sorry if it has been brought up before, cheers.
  2. "Paradise Ranch" is a nickname for Area 51 (I actually knew this without Google! ). So my idea is that we end up teleporting the four to Area 51 (map called Paradise) and that is the last Black Ops map pack.
  3. Since I'm pretty sure we're all spitballing here, has anyone tried shooting the four Matryoshka dolls lying around the map? Maybe each character has to go shoot their own likeness?
  4. The next one better answer a lot of our questions. They can leave a few more open to wrap up in the last map, but if they keep making this more complex, my brain will explode from confusion and the eagerness to know an answer that won't come.
  5. I think we need to be more thorough when we have the Death Machines. Like have people search every corner of the map before the Death Machine runs out. If the thing would be activated by death machines, it would probably vanish when they expire, so people can't see them...
  6. I'd say it's purely fictional, just a fun new thing to kill zombies with, but the article you posted pretty cool!
  7. Before you do that, you gotta launch the rocket and the machine is in a room under the launch pad.
  8. I wish Treyarch would just tell us when this easter egg string ends. Because I would be pretty pissed if they just ended here and we were still trying to find out more things about it. We don't need clues or hints, we just need to know if this easter egg is found completely.
  9. I'm pretty sure Tank was in the group that went to save Peter, who was a spy in G935. Maybe he met Richtofen in Verruckt? or Der Riese pre-zombie outbreak?
  10. theyve got nazi's and all, and if they did bring religious figures in, im sure theyd find a way to bring it in descretely. Like the crawling zombies. If you think about it, they could be like the Jews. Crawling zombies with swastikas on their shoulders represent Jews? Can you re-explain this, sorry.
  11. Trinity? Like "embrace the trinity". Whatabout Emilia and Abigail?
  12. Interesting... This leads me to believe the blacked out picture to be none other than... No but really, what could Joe Kool have to do with anything? Developer inside joke/name?
  13. Me and my friend did leapfrog before. Didn't turn out very well... :oops:
  14. It's just like the table glitch (jumping on planks). Been there, done that, but its not even worth it. Playing legit is more fun.
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