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  1. I dont think throwing the monkey in the tele and goin somewhere secret would work, youd just be throwing the monkey on the tele and it would be there (if it didnt blow up) when you look upon it from the projectionist room. This being because Kino has been no-clipped (fully explored upon modifications) and the only hidden areas are the "teleporter boxes" The monkeys thing sounds like a cool EE but I dont think Treyarc used that just yet but its worth a gander.
  2. The EEs in my personal opinion are nothing more than "side missions" or "story fillers" if treyarc never put EEs youd have nothing to look forard to doing. If a zombie map gets played out youll just stop playin but if theres some EEs you got a sidequest and some story filler for continuation and progression of maps.
  3. Ya after further gaming on Moon its a pretty badass map. Now to just get that zEE. I hope in the future they stay creative and keep us suprised (they never fail lol) they pretty much have a clean slate everytime they produce a new map so lets hope to see more great variety.
  4. Ya I dig moon and all but one of my new favorites is just no mans land. I constantly just rape train from the start in solo I never goto moon. (
  5. If you want to kill him the cheap way (using less $$) simply spam grenades at him or spam his head with M16 rounds.
  6. Im pretty sure its the host that needs the EEs complete. Last night I was playing and I was Rictofen with the golden rod in my inventory. I never did the Shagri La EE but I have completed CotD EE on solo.
  7. Maybe the video is fake? Ive tried this numerous times and got nothing. It soounds to me as if the video was taken by way of low-budget camera, he could have had a nifty zombie soundboard at the ready. I know it sems inlikely nut I myself have blck ops multiplayer nd zombies soundboard on my droid.
  8. Thanks for the reply. On topic: Yea zombies was a misc. game mode that was built on the purpose of fun and a break from mp n campaign, but as you stated it has evolved into its own feauture gaining a community and dawning an intense and puzzling story. If this game mode is popular enough for movie stars and its own dlc package, its deff worth a stand-alone hame but at what risk? Zombie maps are pretty one sided theres really no progression in game, its about survival. Maybe 100+ rpunds for next map in campaign as progression?
  9. Bump. (i really dont like double posting but I feel this topic is interesting enough to get some opinions on)
  10. Not one of my opinions but an interesting one I stumpled upon while reading a responce to nazi zombies facebooks question; "Whats your fav zomb map and why?" The comment: "Moon sucks, 3arch is focusing on the story too much rather than gameplay" I just want to know what are some of your opinions? Personally I believe 3arch just thrives on story for future locations, weapons, traps, etc. I think the core zombies gameplay right now is perfection if not damn close, but dive to prone sure changed it a bit in black ops and even spawned a perk evolving amd utilizing this new feature so with future zombs, what new gameplay mechs culd be added aswell? (srry for the long read, just had to ponder some thoughts that I felt where onteresting enough to share)
  11. im right on board. throw me a message if you need help with anything carbon.
  12. itll be out a month and possibly some odd days or hours after xbox.
  13. cool story bro? /on topic. it best be better than ascension i have alot of hype for this whole "new expieriance"
  14. the easter egg is done. thats it. 90 second death machines are your "prize" and as shitty as a prize as it may be, thats it. Its treyarchs game and they made it so at the end you get 90 second DMs, thats all. If you think its a "gay" "prize" (i honestly do) then goto treyarch and burn the studio down (please dont i love meh zombies)
  15. the complexity of some ideas will take some time but is deffinatly do-able
  16. was that english? :facepalm:
  17. What would you like to do? Well here are some of my specs. -web designer and graphic designer (Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, etc.) -3d artist (google sketch-up, zbrush, maya) -video editing/video recording (gettin new HD capture card soon) -well organized and hard working. -loves the CoD series (especially Zombies) and has been involved in the gaming community since 2004 (Glitching Tony Hawk game series, getting noticed by Neversoft and Activision in the process) so the question is, what would you like me to do? :]
  18. i think that they put it in there kinda like a "hey theres a double points for those who cant PaP yet."
  19. if you look around the starting room i seen a couple of silver box looking things that may have something to do with being shot at by the DMs. if anybody wants to investigate further i can explain much easier first hand. Gamertag: DisposedBuds
  20. Its not that Ascension lacks easter eggs, its that the main easter egg is anti-climactic. I doubt things will be dramatically changed with the release of the PS3 and PC versions. They might add a thing or 2 in the PS3 and PC versions but i dont see the Feb. 1 360 Ascension map being updated with anything dramatic. The only possibility i can see with the addition of new easter egg(s) is the completion of the lunar-lander eggs (HITSAM, HYENA) unless maybe that was all we where meant to do and those 90sec. DMs are our "award" Also, did anybody try getting a monkey round and then spelling HYENA? Maybe there is a connection between a monkey round (replacing dogs, or hyenas) and spelling the word HYENA.
  21. who knows, we do know however that JD said "the lunar landers act as a escape plan to get from a to b in a map and maybe more..."
  22. Ill come up with more designs once carbon contacts me with more information on helping with CODz.
  23. either way, you letting the pack-a-punch "swallow" 6 upgraded guns just for a bell toll or alarm is pretty pointless and lacks [brains]
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