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  1. haha my gf loves zombies.. she baught an xbox 360 just for call of the dead haha
  2. the way i see it... Treyarc are looking to take the zombie story line to the next level but they are trying to vere off from the begining and make a new chapter.. me personally i beleive that the original vioce over cast are wanting to move on to something else instead of sticking around.. hey they might even actually like this mode and disagree with treyarc with the whole storyline mess so they quit. hence why they are bringin in other people who knows.. i agree with those of you who say give it a chance, when i watched the trailer i wasnt really impressed but i have yet to watch the inside xbox.. i dont really see the point in ranting and raving.. as the map hasnt even been released.. why dont you wait untill you have played it then decide..
  3. Okay so i was looking at the letters thinking of what the diffrent meanings could be.. then i thought hey maybe it could be an annagram.. if you re-arange a couple of letters you can actually spell samantha, but then your left with a few letters left... or maybe.. when she whispers come find me.. you have to spell her name within the 90 seconds.. i know this is possible as i have (in solo mode) got up the diagram that shows you where all the letters are, and then ran from the perk machines nessecary in the exact order as if i was with 4 people and the time amounts to sumthing like 80 odd seconds in total and that includes calling the lander but if i did have 4 people it would take less time as one person would be running from the machines or maybe 2 poeple so that when its ready to go again theres no waiting for someone to call it... i know its possible and also just a thought dont flame as i was only just trying to think outside the box as i really have a feeling that the death machines arnt the end of it...
  4. As much as i want to agree with you.. i think its kind of pointless going through ALL that trouble with the nodes to just find out theres nothing at the end apart from some crappy death machine for 90 seconds.. its not even that great.. that is like a massive kick the face to everyone who actually enjoy's the zombie franchise.. so naturally.. im going to dissagree with you cause i do beleive there is more to it than just 90 seconds of heavey metal... funny enough i havn't seen anyone on youtube try what i suggested... could you post me a link to some video's would be really helpfull Thanks
  5. I've recently been trying to think of as many things as possible about this mystery man easter egg, ive had so many games where people have tried to do things after you get the death machines for 90 seconds.. but yet i havn't seen anybody take the landers when you have the death machines activated after you have done all the nodes and empty'd your load on the orb.... After you hear sam scream and everything goes back to black and white.. try the lander.. Only a theory... But i think if you was to take the landers after the wench has had her 5 - 10 second creaming sesion.. it might lead you too her.. hence why you have the death machines cause not any normal gun would be enough to hurt her e.g. ray gun, thunder gun, etc.. p.s the battry's in this map are obviously to do with something aswell.. if anybody knows of anything that could help me please let me know
  6. you have a plausable theory there, BUT... and this is a BIG BUT.. how do you explain the monkey's comming from the landers at the start of a monkey round?? [brains] for you for your theory tho good job
  7. oooooo sorrrrryyyy hahaha didnt realise it was a competition to see who knew the most :)
  8. okay now im really annoyed at the amount of people concidering aliens....ITS A F******G ZOMBIES games not a perthetic ALIEN game... so less talk about ALIENS bringing 115 to you americans when everybody who has played waw knows that 115 came from the meteor tunguska, the only reason you americans had that element in the first place was becuase the germans knew about area 51 and decided hey why not let them in on what were doing see if they get any better results as they are a top secret military camp with all the right equipment and even more people stupid enough to risk there life for the soul purpose of us making money and discovering knew ways to kill humanity becuase were a bunch of german freaks....sheesh seriously..stop trying to be the third eye of all knowledge..it doesnt suit those who beleive to be it
  9. okay i dont mean to piss on anyones fire here...but i think if they included helicopters in multiplayer originally so there was people aswell as helicopters in the sky the game within itsself would be raised a standard compared to any other cod game available... but having it as an extra multiplayer mode would be pretty awsome but at the same time it would get very boring after a month or so of playing :/ once again sorry dude its just my thinking allthough i do think the majority of cod players would find this a peice of art i would deffinatly play it but i dont think it would entertain me for very long
  10. my highest round for "five" is 37 2 ppl camped near the elevator on the second floor pap'ed stakeout and pap'ed RPK i love the gunnz with a massive clip points in the bag like no other my friend had a pap'ed raygun and a pap'ed commando and we both had monkey bombs.. but we was waiting for a max ammo that never came lol usuall perks used (jugg) (speed) (revi) and my friend had claymores...... was pretty intense after round 29 things were starting to get difficult, round 27 - 28 we was just going up and down in the elevators lol 30 - 37 running around the bottom while one stood inside the elevator ready to take us down if needed

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