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  1. That doent say he is dead. It could also just be a cover to pretend like hes dead. He could have survived and reached kino before te group. He may just investigated the place and while hes doing that he might got attacked by a zombie from brhind because u can also hear a door opening sound so maybe the zomibe came through that door It could be possibl Excuse me if there is proof thsat peter wasnt on kino. But this is what i think
  2. Oh Yeah Pack-A-Punch [brains] Now with some lovely brains go buy yourself a nice gun Ow and btw NEVER GIVE UP AT KILLING ZOMBLES YEAH Y HEARD IT HERE ZOMBLES
  3. Ur not verry good ad zombles are you XD And btw couldt the screaming man be peter? because the man hanging in shi no could be harvey yena. so maybe peter escaped from verruckt and shi no and he went to kino. And i was thinking that the blacked pic may be the mexican subject because richtofen and maxis secretly showed of their project to the army in kino like they did with te teleporter. He might just putted he pictures there to show his test subjects but he killed the mexican so he just blacked that one out and showed the pictures to the army but i dont know just a theory but i think peter is the screaming guy and the knocking guy might be the thing that broke out of one of the canisters in the theather containing those scary things. Thats why he says Monkey because monkeys atract zombies. Just a theory guys dont flame XD Ps bad english i should really write thst on my profile XD
  4. Hey this could be it. And i always thought it was strange that richtofen says where did that little girl disapear to because he knew where she was. Love the theory how can i give you [brains] ?
  5. Why didn't your warned you dad? It does suck of course. If i ever leave the xbox on for to long with not playing my dad grounded me for about 5 months for wasting the money for the energy. But i think he actually has a piont XD
  6. Why didn't your warned you dad? It does suck of course. If i ever leave the xbox on for to long with not playing my dad grounded me for about 5 months for wasting the money for the energy. But i think he actually has a piont XD
  7. after reading this im 100% sure that the black picture un kino is the mexican [brains] for the perfect post
  8. ok guys today i craped my pants XD i was playing on verruckt with my friend we where around round 5 or something then i opened the door and we left a crawler so we could rebuild the windows so now was in the room where u can buy the thompson i just walked next to the wall on my way to the next door when i suddey hear a woman screaning very loud. i just froze for 5 seconds. after this happend im never gonna be in the thompon room when there are no zomibes around,. NEVER XD if this is already figured out then please vdont flame me PS; srry bad english
  9. Oopd srry forgot te fact thst there are not more rooms to tele to Srry about this but like you said trownig it in the teleport and than teleport the monkey may do something OMG u guyd know what would be really cool!!! (dont take this serious) if you teleport the monkey it go's to the pack a punch pack a punces his self and then turning in to te cosmic silverback XD Th would b awesome and this is just a joke but would be awesome PS:srry for my bad english
  10. Hey everyone ive been thinking recently about thw whole monkey bomb sound in kino and i think that if you want the monkey bomb to talk wy not try shooting him with a 115 weapon? because in der riese the money screamed when it got hurt so wy not shoot it with a 115 weapon? you never know it might just work And another thing i thought of s wy not trow the monkey in the teleport and then teleport it might lead you somehere so if anyone coulf please try this for me it would be awesome PS srry for my bad english
  11. Omg there is no beasts in kino (not yet) its just the great entrance of the crawlers they can break te roof because its became broken when the power was turned on its jst an old building thats how they broke trough snd thats wy they only come when the power is on. and the crawlers also are the ones screaming when the power is on you can see that in the kino music vid So yeah... No beasts on kino!!!!!!
  12. Reply on my previous message Also before the dlc maps where released people didnt know there where 6 members of group 935 This message could have been there to point out the 6th member PS:srry for my bad english
  13. Ive got 1 theory No nova 6 crawlers No 6th dimension No dogs around round 6 NO i am 99% sure that it means beware of the 6 members of group 935 Richtofen probably put that there to scare of the people This is my theory
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