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  1. Stop bumping old threads. Especially when your post makes no sense.
  2. I disagree with your statment. From the coding in Der Riese it is clear that we have not found all there is to find. For a start there are two power switches in Der Reise confirmed by the script. Wrong. As stated many times before. Der Riese is a unfinished map. Well, a map that has had alot of things scrapped for reasons we do not know of. The second power switch along with many other things such as ammomatic machines and shiz have // in the coding which comments it out of the actual map. It might be in the coding but its not in the map. Really its just useless text.
  3. And what if there are a lot of easter eggs to discover, like the der riese brick? We should search in kino and ascension for easter eggs. What about the brick? Your bringing up an easter egg found over a year ago?
  4. I think its clear treyarch are not going to reveal if we have or havnt got all easter eggs. From the coding in Der Reise, we have found all the easter eggs, yet treyarch say there are alot more that we havnt found. They are just keeping us interested. Some people wont bother playing the maps if all the easter eggs have been found. So Treyarch are playing it safe.
  5. There are two Richtofens shown in this video... One in the spacesuit. Which you can see in first person if your playing as him at 0:43 seconds. And you can see him at 0:41 seconds to the left of your screen, brown ops is playing as him. You can clearly see the spacesuit. At 0:51 seconds though. The player is in first person view as Richtofen in his standard outfit. Richtofen might just have an alternate attire? Or maybe there are two Richtofens!?!
  6. The AUG can be bought off the wall in the Wii version of Kino. The quick revive is from five. Games get changed prior to release... and the russian tests can be linked to ascension but I dont think they are important.
  7. Left over dominos pizza heated up in the microwave shits all over crumpits ! Really pumped for this trailer though. If we get it, that is. In other news I am currently downloading The Crysis 2 Beta. That should keep me busy untill the trailer!
  8. The Mums must look like a cosmic silverbucket!! HAIYOOO!!
  9. If this is real add me on xbox. GT: VintageAndrew We can do it right now and I can record everything on my cap card.
  10. "Tonight" has past and we are still waiting on that "screenie"... Guess this proves he was lying.
  11. If they wanted us to no clip they would put it in the game for everyone to do... Yes it helps them as designers but it is not a open in game function. Therefore not meant to be done. Read what I said next time. At no point did I say they do not like no clippers. They just do not cater to them.
  12. I dont wanna sound rude but Treyarch dont cater to no clippers... They expect us to find the easter eggs by playing. So if you cannot see outside or through the roof then they are not going to waste time programming what ever the "monster" is into the game for none of us to see it. There is definatley something going down though, all the clues are there for a monster type thing but I dont think it isnt going to get revealed in Kino... Next Map maybe.
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