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  1. Listen the code is almost out like i said in my previous posts. But think about it. Treyarch is a smart company. Why would they leave us like this. In an interview i recall claimed that 1. There is a upcoming bossbattle in the future (before mappack 1). 2. There is a huge easter egg we missed in kino. 3. The lunar Landers will take you somewhere *smiles covers face and laughs* ima post some code right now. http://pastebin.com/4aYcVXaC All credit of the folowing goes out to wonderboy_3856 Basically he read some code that kinda of backed up/brought up the "Sacrafice" conspircary. viewtopic.php?f=60&t=7079 There is his post check it. The codes that he has on the forum are confirmed to be real check the pastebin. Now we have to ask ourself what now. Here are some possiblities of what could happen. -Code ends but hey. who said there isnt some sort of trigger that would download more codec? -Maybe code changed from different maps ... Kino prohaps? Id check scripting on that. -Treyarch made an account and leaked bogus code? hhhhm???? i mean like seriously 1 person did this its not like its been backed up. -Maybe there are not done completely (we did do alot really quickly) maybe this progress wasnt thought to have been discovered till next mappack or possible next updatte? _ I do not back up any of those sencerios im just saying. _ Post any ideas you have [brains]
  2. Yes sorry im as sad as you guys are treyarch is a half ass company. I know how it is. I never said there wouldnt be a patch... there is but i doubt its going to affect the map... it would have to be the biggest update ever to release something as big as an ending a huge easter egg... Also last i heard this was for customizable wager matches in Private match. (its on the fileshare menu)
  3. Tru man but do u see anything that indacates huge script like an animation. a cut scene. a final battle? no. Its upsetting to me too i really wanted something big to happen... like how and why would treyarch leave us with 90 second death machines... really pisses me off. :(
  4. The huge easter egg is over people... http://pastebin.com/4aYcVXaC look for yourself. it stops after her screaming. Dont waist ur time because the coding has to go in consectutive order and it cannot be placed somewhere else or in a hidden area... its over. its done. seriously stop writing posts like. OMG OMG OMG THERE IS A FU**ING MONKEY BOMB KEY CHAIN! EASTER EGG!!!! [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] TASTE GOOD
  5. Well I'm not too sure on how to get by the part before death machines because i have no friends to do it with. But could it be possible that their is a seventh radio for all the people who found the radios. And off on that note if their is a part to finish Sam than I've noticed that in videos there are sounds of wind near all the nodes. So i don't know if this is right just a theory. If u can please test it and try to find the last radio if any.
  6. calm the fk down i was having a bit of fun this is serious n when this gets released cuz one person trys it ima be laughing at all u mother fuckrs who doubted me
  7. i know waht to do next...i didnt want to telll anyone i wanted to be the hero to finish it all... i feel greedy n i need help... shoot the flashlights with the DM... that should keep u guys going. please remember me for helping u guys past this part. thanks.
  8. My friends and i have shot it so many times with multiple upgrade guns and non upgrade guns. Can you please help us out and list all (or 1) possible combinations in the gersh device when throwing it on the projected light. Thanks :idea:
  9. Just a theory, maybe destroy the machine with a thundergun. Just maybe the portal is behind? Hope this works!!!! :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
  10. awh yall caught me anyways thanks for the brains xD
  11. Ur Bs 1. u see the blood tip of the points in 2 outta the 3 pics. 2. it would be extremely dificult to get the quality to match exactly if i pasted. and 3. u didnt say it but my razor does got a cam thats why i took the pics smart ass.
  12. First of all smart ass mpg is a video/picture file used to usually bring a cutscene in. 2. They were glasswindows (broke myself). 3. if u look at the water pic there is the arrow pointing from all the cod zombie maps.. u shit head.
  13. lol i aint whatever his name is d block our maps differ and we have different opinions im just saying i got glitched and it worked ima try it later tommorow and ill post more pics if it even works again.

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