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  1. As i was about to start a round of zombies it on the bottom it said "The cosmic silverback has many brothers" Wonder what it means....
  2. chibiman


    dress up like a zombie
  3. its fire-sale it even says it sometimes when the screen is loading its some thing like Fire-sales spawn all the mystery boxes and slash the prices
  4. first of all excuse my typing :C in nuke town the welcome sign shows the "population" (number of players there) :lol:
  5. if u look at the picture with mason playing Russian roulette u can see 4 knife carvings that my represent how many times the trigger has been pulled which might explain why he screams (other than the fact that hes being forced to play)
  6. chibiman

    PaP machine

    i was reading the acheivements ands saw one that had proof that the crossbow will be in zombie mode and would be able to be PaP sorry if theres a thread about this already
  7. maybe it is fake we cant be sure until he tells us were he got this from
  8. GOD did not give any man two hearts in his chest. Nor did He turn your wives whom you estrange (according to your custom) into your mothers. Nor did He turn your adopted children into genetic offspring. All these are mere utterances that you have invented. GOD speaks the truth, and He guides in the (right) path.* sounds like zombies to me what do you think?
  9. i just remeberd a post that said peter got bit and sawd off his hand the two drawings in the last picture really show evidence
  10. with sit rep pro we can sniff them out :D
  11. maybe that squad was a lowkey sQAUD
  12. is there any way to get mods for nazi zombies on the ps3?
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