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  1. like it was said above me. it is a 18 rated game and it is full of explicit content. if you dont like it. dont play it. dont spam up the forums with you moaning about it. put some cotton buds in your ears or something. and it was obviously said because its similar to his name, a play on words if you will. but yes probably implying he was gay. ITS BANTER. and im not a homophobe. i support gay rights. but i also support freedom of speech. Thats my two cents. Regards, Josh.
  2. I have wanted the ak-47 in zombies for a long time now. i was expecting it in ascension because its a russian gun and its a russian map. but no cigar. at the end of the day. it might be in there with more research yata yata. but if it isnt. deal with it. go play online. bad luck pedigree chum.
  3. mike curran, hockey player. the map stadium? hockey stadium. thats a pretty clear link i can see. dunno what it mean.
  4. ahh no i know about that :L i mean has anyone made any more dovelopments on it? i know it ends with the dms and nothing after that ;/
  5. Im sorry but i have to ask this. i have not been on for a long time due to bills and no internet -.- and it doesnt seem like i have missed a lot. read lots of threads. and it all seems to be bozo's making up sh*t. can anyone tell me if any decent developments have been made? it would be hugely appreciated.
  6. pretty good theory, just could have done with a bit more thought. good thinking though! outside the boxxx
  7. please make a youtube video! this is incredibly interesting : )
  8. wow really? come on guys. this is REALLY old :L not flaming or nothing. but its on the maps on the trucks in cod 4. truck in vacant i belive they actually like blurred it out in some trucks in mw2, probably due to complaints. Skip to 1:13 eqXo9J9nZso
  9. i think this could all be supporting and pointing towards the dreamland theory. even though i dont really want it to, i dont know what it is. but the dreamland theory kinda wrecks it for me. but y'know. personal opinnion. good find. [brains] +
  10. yep, your right man, your defiantly on to something here, whatever it means. the ones in the loading screen sure 'aint russian. I call good find. [brains] 4 u omnomnom.
  11. holy crud :| it took me ages to see the thing on the roof. but it blew my mind when i saw it WHAT THE HELL. someone please do this and just look at the roof O_O
  12. Theory: complete the huge easter egg everyone is raving about. and then yuri gives you DG-2 & winters howl? thats my take on it. because the posters had the DG-2 and i mean. come on, would they really do that without putting it in?
  13. Space race achievment unlocked on solo FTW! took me a while :L And no negative rep for you. +brains infact. i totally agree. its a valid point. and the matchmaking is wack. i just play with mates now! havent played a game on ascension with randoms at all yet, just wont get good people.
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