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  1. is there any footage of it (to the Other poster) and if it isnt real and the youtube guy tricks us all, then im gunna unsubscribe to him
  2. has anyone seen the video from playthegameco? they claim that they have found the final piece of the easter egg puzzle, and it isnt the death machines, here watch this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fjg1O8ofidA the video will be out at the beginning of next week, seems interesting Discuss.
  3. when did he say he will continue this easter egg? i could hardly hear him. and does he have a live stream?
  4. i saw on a live stream that the person hosting threw the gerche device at the generator and it dissapeared, i heard there is more generators? but whats special about it. and the theory is, when you get the 4th node and that voice says need mor power, i wonder if the generators that teleport via the gerch device has something to do with it... more power? my 2 cents. Mike
  5. Nuff Said. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRC6L27v ... ture=feedu discuss! [brains]
  6. chrismathers, im not a henry fucking langham fanboy you prick! so ask before you say anything, you stupid twat! its an old picture. deal with it.
  7. but isnt it weird that the last image and the gknova6 zombie debut look virtually identical? it even has the right size, perk machine and lighting, if the guy made this, then he should go to treyarch for a job because its great!
  8. RUML70_vCaI around 2.49 look at the teddy on the stairs, the perk machine in the hallway, Edit:- holy shit, just remembered! on gknova 6 when it showed zombies, can you remember that large corridor with the speed cola machine and zombies walking down the hallway? look at that and then the youtube video image. recconise the familiaritys? i do, so i guess its already made before black ops was released and 3arch was tweaking alittle bit, so i guess that gknova6 zombies debut, was the assension map! holy fuck! that means we will be wearing gas masks and having AK47! etc,
  9. it released today, just watch, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmZS1Ea6XAQ&feature=sub it shows the note with the names on, the files etc, but i cant remember seeing the 1911 colt in the case and it appears to have a different design, but it looks really familiar, if you pause when he has the list near the end, you can see who the possible people are for the ''package'' seems quiet interesting, as if you can remember the video from awhile back called Die Wahrheit 1 of 2 well this is the sequel. rather interesting. thoughts? Mikey.
  10. ok i was playing an online match of kino, and around round 5 or 6 we unlocked the door where the pictures are of the boys, and then we unlocked the other door leading down the stairs to where the mp40 is, so anyway, i went back upstairs by myself and i stood in the middle of the doorway at top of the stairs and some weird shit happened! i heard deep roaring and grunts, and it wasnt the zombies or crawlers because zombies - scream and is high pitched crawlers - hissing and panting it was definatly something else! it freaked me out, AND IT WASNT THE DOGS IF ANYONE SAYS! i know what i heard and it was really different, it only happened when i stood in that doorway and looked up..... anyone experienced a similar or the same occurance. theres definatly something deeper in kino, and possible ''five'' more deeper that cyphers, radios and paper..... Mike
  11. im on the ps3, and everytime i go on multiplayer the game crashes in the middle of the matches!? anyone else experienced the same problems?
  12. This is the final thread for the pentagon easter eggs. ill start, where the quick revive is when you start theres a red phone next to it with a call waiting sign (red flashing light) when you press square/X on it, you hear a dialing noise then it cuts out, and your character sighs, i reckon that you have to be JFK to answer the phone, or that Robert McNamara guy, because i was Nixon he sighed? so im not sure, seems something good to try out, Happy Hunting!!
  13. ok this thread is strictly for Kino map, because instead of having all the easter eggs in one thread which would confuse alot of people because of the sheer size of each map, so this is the official easter egg thread for Kino, post what you find, from little to small (thats what she said lol) Enjoy. Mike
  14. anno igetmydeathmachineon its wrong place to put it in here, but alot of these members helped me out before so...
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