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  1. dude who said people who bought hardened ever got ripped of is full of bs BO was 55 on release 70 for hardened or 60 and 75 if you pre-ordered so basically you paid 15 dollars and got a free map(moon) just like every one else and you got a free avatar,theme,soundtrack and 8 months to enjoy them and as for me in the whole classic maps list theres only about 600 people total! Theres more people playing five then all four classic maps, not to mention the revamped classic maps are totally worth it ,where else can you get the waffe,the winters howl, flogger, the good old help door, knife peter, throw nades at the hanging and lets not all forget the thompson and the trench gun yeah totally worth it. and whats with this there putting the eggs back in come next patch thats only real bad choice I see man I bought those maps to egg hunt just like first strike and now I find out I was just wasting my time I knew something was wrong when the fly trap didn't work or I couldn't get the groom lake cordinates on shi no but they added that dive to prone glitch on asylum so I thought I was just doing something wrong [brains]
  2. REMEBER this easter egg is based off of vorkuta and when u r blowing up all of the tankers they are lighting on fire and zombies light on fire when they walk threw the fire trap. and step seven is "raise hell" fire is kinda hell This has never been proven, just assumed.....be careful, you will get the "Raise Hell" Flames.... Seriously though, I think people are using Vorkuta to feed their need to explore more. What I think we need to do is either wait for another map release/update or go back to the other 2 maps and search for something big. I cant imagine that EE like the fly trap in DR would not be in the other 2 maps, i.e. DR- Fly Trap Five- Nothing Kino- Nothing Ascension - MM Easter Egg There is something we are missing.......... This man deserves brain's now! (sorry i gave them away alway's happen's right before i find something more worthy like this)
  3. BUFFY AND FREDDY KRUEGER!!! All you hater's can go and disown your copy of Black Ops, If you don't have anything constuctive about the possibilities of new character's then just be quiet!
  4. Wasn't it already leaked that they hired Danny Trejo,Sarrah Michelle Gellar, and the guy who played Freddy Krueger???
  5. What about the Danny Trejo Facebook incedent,any signifigance?
  6. Can you post a link the video won't work for me :x
  7. Videos like this have been around for a month now? Oreally? Cause Im pretty sure that pc just got the map pack on the 25th of march... AND you can only noclip ON pc... Feels good when you prove ignorant people wrong. just because you were such a dick about your response i feel the overwelming feeling to do it back to you, but ill refrain. and yes, you CAN no clip on a console, its called 'hacking'. First a person with a Jtag on there motherboard is NOT a hacker/blue hat hacker or a "cracker" they are a modder Second we where looking for the 4th lander not a fifth one Last even if you no/clipped the lander or room in question wouldn't appear till a trigger or flag has been activated geez ,also there is no proof in the coding that said trigger even exist's silly kid programming's for rabbit's.
  8. I would give you a thumb's down if i didn't thumb's up a post about how the coding for the ascension easter egg proving we have done all the proper proceding's(lucky). :facepalm:
  9. ianoodin

    Paw print

    12 year old's with ADD alway's getting off-topic as soon as we need them for egg hunt's:facepalm:
  10. First misleading title, the egg is finished properly the code you're looking at just trigger's the audio file for gersh. Second good job actually going threw that massive pile of text! Finally the reason you can't find the spawn code for the radio's is cause they code doesn't require them till they actually spawn and treyarch has a way better IT department then CoDz.
  11. That's what im saying it's a well know fact hitler had troop's stationed in cairo and he had been searching for occult artifact's well maybe there isn't so much idiocracy in believing they would head to egypt or britain group 935 had agent's in the U.S.S.R for pete's sake to suggest they couldn't be in egypt let alone the MOON is papostorous!
  12. An edit bump. I've add the Pentagram to the Der Riese map & added a comparison. Also look at a real image of Washington DC:- Satanism, Freemasonary & the Illuminati all in one. Treyarch copied this idea I think. Still I always find that last image shocking to say the least. So Der Riese is absolutely filled with sacred geometry. I believe this can also be tied to the Golden Ratio again. It has to mean something. I can't believe that Treyarch did all this without knowing aka the by the power of synchronicity (The Universe made it happen). So what are we missing? I wish someone from Treyarch would look at what we have found. This stuff would be lost on the general gaming community. Can we at least get another hint. Please Treyarch... Regards Alpha. Another clue that can be put to rest. They told us where zombies were going FIVE Pentagon... if that pattern continues we will end up in the whitehouse fighting the horde... Regards Alpha. :twisted: Sorry to burst your bubble but you're drawing lines that aren't there LITERALLY! But nice effort you actually put in more effort then half of the 13 year old's on this forum combined and you can't discredit that but you're looking to deep into the wrong places we know the "?" have a relavence to the map but i don't suppose it's related with the CIA,Pentagon,Illumanati, and the Devil.How do you even know if Treyarch's version of the Illuminati worship the devil?Also we have established the fact that Richtofen work's for the Illuminatti so him speaking of them bring's them no closer into the big picture then they already where as for them helping build der riese that's ludicris the Nazi's and group 935 built it and the Illuminati wouldn't need to steal there work if they where helping them.
  13. That happens anyway... the host can be left on his own by the other 3, so what harm would it do to switch to another host...? at least it wouldn't mean that your game ends because some self important eejit left because he got downed on round 3 and didn't want to wait for someone to revive him... I kind of agree about the lag though, but the system works for normal multiplayer so I don't see any real problems as to why it wouldn't in zombies, but then I don't develop games for a living. That's actually a simple answer,The game has already connected the person with the highest connection to host and since CoD has a host system you would need a new one but they can't of the insufficient connection which connected you to that host in the first place my advice move to a more populated area the general ping and the download speed are usually better,I would'nt do all that for better host connection though.
  14. "Those" you say you have done it to(?) , so you infact are calling you're self this? There is no vindication in cheating if you cheat you are bad and you saying I only do it to explore the map is worse that's no more of a correct vindication as I want to reach a higher round on the leaderboard's. Also you should re-think going on to a public forum and telling everyone how to stop you from doing your cheat and this has been patched as of 3/17/11.
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