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  1. excuse me... isnt everyone missing the dumb part of this "gun setup" the window guy shouldnt have TWO shotguns. he should maybe have a shotgun and then an ak74. Also the dragunov.. well blows especially if the strat breaks down. An l96 would be better but i would just go with him getting an LMG or a G11
  2. Solo five on both of the maps is not difficult.. as usual... why did they feel the need to take solo off the leaderboards and make it easier with the quick revive..? anyway five you just run around the 2nd floor not too difficult. Upgrade the starting pistol to own the pentagon theif. Primary i use the mp5 upgraded but box for the winters howl after a while for some fun.
  3. if you didnt know they made quick revive useful in solo. if you have quick revive and you go down the game is not over. atleast in solo.. you get back up after a few seconds. just a tip if you didnt know about it.
  4. Yeah your right... i dont beat it to the leaked gameplay.. i would never!! er.. this is akward....
  5. Why are you using this site if your not getting black ops..? come on your going to see your whole entire friends list on black ops then your gonna go buy it. or just see the zombie trailer. (whenevr it does come out)
  6. Lets not forget were talking about the BETA. which they do to fix things. The mp is not 100% completed and they can still easy change things before the release. im not worried. Yes the game will launch with flaws... but lets not forget treyarch...patches things. yes i know its weird considering IW doesnt patch shit.
  7. thats your reason.. because its "not realisitc".. 1. its a video game 2. the game mode is called nazi zombies 3. treyarch rocks they can do whatever they want.
  8. you could go cancer.. but the 20 dollar thing would have a higher chance of working. My friend got [email protected] over a week early because he went to a blockbuster (a lot less strict then gamestop) and told the guy hed pay him 20 bucks to get it early and it worked.
  9. Nice find! yeah i love raping people with my gold AK...... [brains] for you!
  10. Yes, spike likes to put a new show on at 12:30...on a friday night..
  11. I acutally didnt know this website exsisted so.. it helped me ;)
  12. Great find. They MUST be revealing what it is on oct 15. now comes the horrible waiting part...
  13. not really. dont give people cheap ways to win and games then.. well they cant. the noobtube is put in a cod game by the developers. just because a 10 year old is using doesnt mean he is breaking a game rule. they need to take the cheap things out. or just nerf them to hell like the models.
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