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  1. hurt pm63 heal ballistics knife M16- 10 Famas- 10 AUG- 12 M14- 9 G11- 8 Galil- 12 FN FAL- 9 Commando- 10 MP5K- 10 AK74u- 10 PM63- 9 MPL- 9 Spectre- 10 Dragunov- 9 L96A1- 10 Stakeout- 9 Olympia- 9 SPAS-12- 10 HS10- 10 HK21- 12 RPK- 10 M1911- 10 Python- 11 CZ75- 10 CZ75 dual wield- 11 M72 LAW- 8 China Lake- 9 Ballistic Knife- 13 Crossbow- 10 MP40- 12
  2. I'm srry,i only play Black Ops at my friends cause i dont have a copy(n00b!) but what is a "Fate Room"? [brains] In Dead Ops Arcade there are 3 special rooms Ive been in so far. One of them being the room of fate. In this room you are giving 1 of 4 things: a permanent campanion who stays by your side through thick and thin shooting in the general direction you are shooting in; and there's ferious feet, this increases your ability to run faster; furtune of fortitude just gives you a lot of points; lasty there is the gift of firepower upgrading your m60 to a death machine. Another room, wich comes way more often, is the bonus room. Im sure you've seen one of these. Just a bunch of gold and a few power-ups. The last room is the armory. A room filled with lightening bolt, nukes, etc. Another thing, Im ranked top 100 in dead ops. vv-legit, yaboyelmo, and I(justcallmedoc) got to round 31 last night. Not only that, we beat the number one team in a game of S&D on Mw2 also. PS3 FTw. Peace
  3. please tell me there is more than one Fate Room. Ive been thinking of the best combination of powers to use to get to very high rounds.
  4. I F*ing Rock For Making Such A Bad Ass Post. I Want My Damn Brains!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm instilling confidence in those who camp there who are not certain of the spots potential. You must be mentally prepared for the long haul of zombie killing. Morale breaks easily for those unprepared.
  6. I'm always the guy sniping and I vouch for it. You get 90 rounds after a PaP for the dragunov. Lining up zombies aint hard and it's a powerful tactic.
  7. First off, I'm beast at zombies and I know what I'm talking about. So sit back and read the best strategy you can get on the Big K(Kino). Now I'm going to assuming most of yall can hold your own until round 12 or so, at least til you can Pack a Punch. FYI i usually Pack a Punch between round 7-10. Or just buy Juggs and the Bowie Knife. Now for this strategy you will need 4 skilled player if you plan on breaking round 30. Now I classify these 4 players on their weapon set. We got the Muscle Man, the Backbone, the Specialist and the Freak(lol). The camping spot is the classic Alley. This tactic should in time have everyone Pack a Punch'ing both their guns. The Muscle Man will be on the front lines in the alley carrying with him both LMG's.Zombies should be going only for him. The Backbone will perminently cover the window with 2 shotguns(weapon of choice is the olympia and stakeout). For the fact that you can buy ammo off the wall. The specialist will need to have a snipers mentallity. He/She will be carrying a Dragunov with a raygun. This guy/girl will be directly behind the Muscle Man waiting for the zombies to line up to squeeze off a shot and can pull out the raygun if the situation gets out of hand(and if it does it's not because of my strategy). Finally, the Freak will have both alien weapons. The raygun and thundergun, standing of the stairs, usually with the specialist. This will be the person who saves the group if one shall go down and everyone is running on empty with monkey bombs. The thundergun is truly a life saver. Now some may be concerned on ammo issues. The gun setup is perminent so there's no need to hit up the mysterybox after every round, therefor save up your points for later rounds. What you'll need to do is when you run out of ammo, being saved tens of thousands of points is swap out whatever you have no ammo for, for a gun in the mysterybox until you simply get your gun back. After you only have 15000 left and you still don't have your weapon you will need to pick and choose the best gun you can get til you hit 5000 points and just PaP that gun(this never happened to me). If worst comes to worst, open the back door. Run circles around the map turning on every trap you can. Save your ammo the game ending zombies who some how pop out of nowhere and attack you. Now like I've said, you will need 4 SKILLED players. Not a friend who's chasing a dream thinking they can hang with you. I'm in the top 10,000 on the scoreboard for Kino. And I'm right and you're wrong if you try to question my strategy plan. PEACE and Good Gaming
  8. Guy said theres a boss that could wipe out the whole team. the mad scientist(better than pentagon thief imo) cannot hurt you in any way shape or form
  9. that sounds fair. dont think id waste cpu storage on a recorded video of zombies
  10. I removed this topic due to inactive voices. Sorry
  11. BTW the guy who came up with this post never said COMSIC silverback. A space ape is just silly.
  12. Okay. Our conclusion, which seems obvious, is that there will be a boss in an upcoming map. But there is more to discover and decypher. Our goal should be to get more info on this to satisfy our craving of knowing whats the ultimate fate of the original 4. If this post stays more active I can dig deeper into the mystery behind Kino. Please, we need everyones input, the slightest of details matter. Peace
  13. Yes a boss would be wonderful.!. Imagine what the map layout would be for that kind on predicament. You would have to unload a crap ton of shells on this boss, meaning you would need a map open enough to escape the clutches of this beast when it tries attacking the original 4. Or their would be amazing new traps, or a trap to kill this beast. I would think that it wouldnt be easy to do this. maybe two power switches being activated simultaneously, splitting up the group! So many awsome thoughts are racing through my brain!!! But enough for now guys. Later
  14. lmao. thanks for yalls opinions. Im so glad my post has over a hundred views. I really think its the cosmic silverbback aching to make an apperence. Not only do I think the classic maps will be dlc at some point, but also new BO maps which may reveal the big secret on Kino
  15. When I say Big secret on Kino, I really mean is there something big on top of Kino??? When the power is turned on part of the roofs of the theater crumble down. Zombies? I havent seen zombies up there. And also, when Im in the lobby after the power is turned on I hear something stomping around up there. Not only that, I also see a giant door right above where the mystery box spawns on stage. I hear grunts indicating that there might actually be a silverback gorilla running around up there. Has anybody noticed this and is there any thoughts?!? And where the F is my brains. This is my first post and its racking in hella views.
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