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    Favorite Gun from the box: Forum Game

    hurt pm63 heal ballistics knife M16- 10 Famas- 10 AUG- 12 M14- 9 G11- 8 Galil- 12 FN FAL- 9 Commando- 10 MP5K- 10 AK74u- 10 PM63- 9 MPL- 9 Spectre- 10 Dragunov- 9 L96A1- 10 Stakeout- 9 Olympia- 9 SPAS-12- 10 HS10- 10 HK21- 12 RPK- 10 M1911- 10 Python- 11 CZ75- 10 CZ75 dual wield- 11 M72 LAW- 8 China Lake- 9 Ballistic Knife- 13 Crossbow- 10 MP40- 12
  2. Another_Bad-A_Gamer

    BIG secret on Kino???

    I F*ing Rock For Making Such A Bad Ass Post. I Want My Damn Brains!!!!!!!!!
  3. Another_Bad-A_Gamer

    BIG secret on Kino???

    Guy said theres a boss that could wipe out the whole team. the mad scientist(better than pentagon thief imo) cannot hurt you in any way shape or form
  4. Another_Bad-A_Gamer

    BIG secret on Kino???

    BTW the guy who came up with this post never said COMSIC silverback. A space ape is just silly.
  5. Another_Bad-A_Gamer

    BIG secret on Kino???

    Okay. Our conclusion, which seems obvious, is that there will be a boss in an upcoming map. But there is more to discover and decypher. Our goal should be to get more info on this to satisfy our craving of knowing whats the ultimate fate of the original 4. If this post stays more active I can dig deeper into the mystery behind Kino. Please, we need everyones input, the slightest of details matter. Peace
  6. Another_Bad-A_Gamer

    BIG secret on Kino???

    Yes a boss would be wonderful.!. Imagine what the map layout would be for that kind on predicament. You would have to unload a crap ton of shells on this boss, meaning you would need a map open enough to escape the clutches of this beast when it tries attacking the original 4. Or their would be amazing new traps, or a trap to kill this beast. I would think that it wouldnt be easy to do this. maybe two power switches being activated simultaneously, splitting up the group! So many awsome thoughts are racing through my brain!!! But enough for now guys. Later
  7. Another_Bad-A_Gamer

    BIG secret on Kino???

    lmao. thanks for yalls opinions. Im so glad my post has over a hundred views. I really think its the cosmic silverbback aching to make an apperence. Not only do I think the classic maps will be dlc at some point, but also new BO maps which may reveal the big secret on Kino
  8. Another_Bad-A_Gamer

    BIG secret on Kino???

    When I say Big secret on Kino, I really mean is there something big on top of Kino??? When the power is turned on part of the roofs of the theater crumble down. Zombies? I havent seen zombies up there. And also, when Im in the lobby after the power is turned on I hear something stomping around up there. Not only that, I also see a giant door right above where the mystery box spawns on stage. I hear grunts indicating that there might actually be a silverback gorilla running around up there. Has anybody noticed this and is there any thoughts?!? And where the F is my brains. This is my first post and its racking in hella views.

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