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  1. I swear to you i smell HL bs around this
  2. A lie is a lie. Just because they write it down and call it history doesn't make it the truth" think about that quote.
  3. SO yea don't think in reporting them because i did that and treyarch thought it was an unnecessary report and demoted me i was 13th perstige level 23 so yea thats what happens when you don't like staring at those types of things how would you like being level one not very cool.
  4. Really so just because treyarch decided to put a button that says report a player and i want to report him i am the one who gets demoted for ACTUALLY helping stop these stupid sexual emblems like really, i believe they said if it's inappropriate you report it so i report yet i'm the one getting F%$k thats nice greay job treyarch, why have the damn thing in the first place. thank you so much for your help i really appreciate it.
  5. Okay i'm sorry for being a hardass i'm just really mad that this happend, thank you for your help i sent a message to David too see if he will reply.
  6. Try looking at it from my point of view. 13th perstige level 24 you turn on whatever system you have and your level one now tell me you wont be mad about it??
  7. No every time i see a booster or anything I REPORT THEM. So truly don't know what happend i want answers.
  8. So please tell us how you know that the picture of our German friend ended up in the pentegon and don't tell me that they are re-useing it to "add texture" because treyarch really took a while too make this game and they where making it good so i don't think they are re-useing but apparently, you think you are always right so no reason to argue with you.
  9. Hi, how are you guys. Hopefully you guys are good enjoying perstigeing in black ops being at like 9th or 15th perstige (: well guess what i was 13 perstige and i turned on my ps3 like any other normal day but today it gave me a message saying "you have been reset to level 1" and yea i was in level one so yea NOW TELL ME WHY IN THE FUCK DID IT DEMOTE ME TO LEVEL ONE!!!!! Please excuse my language but you if you where me you would be cursing your heart out I spent a serious amount on black ops like sense day one than out of nowhere i get a cute little message saying i'm level one again now you guys are probably going to tell me that i cheated, bosted, had a bad emblem, or did something way for out to get demoted but what i did was do the exact same thing i do every day turn on my ps3 and play tdm thats it Actually you can call me a legit freak why because every time i see a boob or penis swastika emblem i report it every single player in the lobby that i see with disgust like that i report because its childish and immature plus i don't want that kind of things around when i play with my family so please codz answer my question and tell why the fuck that happend because i litteraly just put that game away and started playing MW2 because atleast in that game i dont get demoted for no apparent reason i just want answers man.
  10. I'm actually surprised you din't tell him to use the search bar before he makes a thread.
  11. Be sure to t least give credit to Call of duty wikia because I know you got it from there (:
  12. You know what i will give you brains my friend because i like how you actually speak up instead of agreeing with everyone else I'm with you I'm also tired of those people and right now i'm not playing black ops because the connection is just horrible but you are a person i respect you are the leader instead of the follower.
  13. 11 Matches 11 F&%$King matches that it wont let me play it always ALWAYS says.. Lost connection to Host or you have no internet HOW int he holy mother of GOD do I not have internet if it was letting me play not 5 seconds ago. SERRIOUSLY right now im really mad at treyarch this pach was suppose to change that but for me it only made it worse. if you are wondering if it's my connection well its not i called my internet provider they said everything is running smooth i turned of my PS3 and turned it back on to play and that was number 11 I love this game but right not it is really Pi#$ing me off. Anyone else happend to this leave thoughts.
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