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  1. Generic sniper kills with aren't that special at all. Sloppy to no editing. No reason for posting this.
  2. Hello, My mappack seems to load slower than my friends ones. I deleted and re-downloaded it and it still loads slowly. For example if we get Kowloon I spawn 20 SECONDS later. Did anyone else experience this? Or can somebody help me with it?
  3. Yeah, check it out right here: Clickie clickie!
  4. I'm starting to think now that there really is a possibility that we go to the moon :)
  5. Yeah boys, go see for yourself. IMO it could be a hint for the map pack! http://www.gknova6.com
  6. I think Beware of the 6 warns you from the Nova 6 gas coming out of the crawlers.
  7. LOL at the guys taking it seriously.
  8. Why did you guys give him -2? He tried contributing to this forums. Anyways, I don't think she became an actor just because there is a poster in her bedroom.
  9. It's a tribute to the massacre at the end of Inglorious Bastards.
  10. LOL fucking old. Do some research next time mate, and don't take credits either. This was known since the release. -1
  11. Lol, why would they make a boss for the 10 people that make it so far?
  12. Yeah that's part of the current lawsuit. Infinity Ward wanted to take Modern Warfare and make it seperated from the original Call Of Duty.
  13. Seriously are all of you fucking retarded. A big gorilla in a space suit in Nazi Zombies, really? If any of you actually does believe in that, GTFO. It's a fucking old/collapsed building, and by putting the power on alot of shit happens, resulting in the building collapsing some more. About the roar sounds, maybe because they echo through the whole building. If any of you got any more shit arguments PM them to me.
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