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  1. David Vonderhaar said (around the same time of the Nuketown Easter Egg) that there is an Obtainable weapon in Summit. It's not been found yet. This is a weird message some guy got from ChaCha: "Yes, there is a weapon in the summit. The summit map shows a cubby hole where the Jammer is hidden. Thanks for using ChaCha!" Just gonna point it out. *Shrug*
  2. Gr4phix

    I'm Torn Here

    Then why post this?
  3. I agree, it's funny at first, but then it's just hella annoying...
  4. Umm, it does have flares. And people shouldn't be able to lock on to you until after you get your door open. If you're legitimately getting shot down before you open the door, then it could be somebody getting a lucky shot with an RPG or something like that, or a SAM turret maybe? Idk mate, everytime I get lucky and get a Chopper Gunner, I can barely get 5 kills before it's shot down. I don't think it's that fair that getting a 9 Killstreak only results in me getting about 3 kills. I still think they should make Ghost a Tier 3 Perk. *Shrug*
  5. No.. Ghost nor Ghost Pro does NOT make you invisible to the Blackbird.. I wouldn't care for ghost, if it would be placed in a better Perk Position. I think if it was in like Perk 2 slot, replacing it with Scout, it would be WAY better. They'd have to give up their SoH or Warlord. Looking at it now, I think the Perk 3 slot would be EVEN better, they'd have to give up: Tac Mask Ninja Marathon Second Chance AND Hacker. I'm thinking we replace Ghost with Tac Mask. Tac Mask would be an easy enough Character Feature, just a simple Gas Mask or full on Nova Suit from the SP. Just my thoughts. :)
  6. Just saying, it's not the M16 it's the MI6...
  7. Starcraft is an RTS, not an FPS. Starcraft also has NOTHING to do with CoD. Yes, I take it very seriously. I'd HATE to see a WWI game, honestly. I'd personally love to see a Modern - Near Future CoD.
  8. Dempsey's not dying. He's too badass to die. In the words of Dempsey that were never said: "I'm not dying by a fuckin Pussbag!" I say we kill off Takeo. He hasn't contributed at all to the storyline.
  9. Bioshock 3 Infinite, is coming out soon It's just Bioshock Infinite... not Bioshock 3.
  10. Just something little, not sure if found, but one of the books in Sam's room (Mid-day) is from Doctor Richtofen. It literally has the title of his name, and then the volumes: DG-2 DG-3
  11. This radio is IN the MAIN Chandilier (Spell Check?) Here's a pic: PLEASE, tell me this wasn't found already! EDIT: Resized
  12. On one of the Film Reels, you'll actually see JD 5 and a number or letter below the 5 that's too hard to make out. Just a note?
  13. Nice post mate, never knew about this before. [brains] 4 u
  14. So I'm trying to find stuff on Kino Der Toten, and I can't get the Console to work!! YES, I'm on PC. I AM on Steam, so I don't know if that's the problem, but I've changed my 'seta monkeytoy' to "0" but it doesn't work at all! Yes, I use the tilde (~) key, and again, it still doesn't work!! Thanks in advance.
  15. Gr4phix

    Just a little Tip

    Not sure if anyone's noticed this yet, or have posted a topic, but here's a little tip to finding the Random Box when it teleports/at the start (Not sure about the start, but possible): There is ALWAYS a monitor/tv next to the Random Box locations, watch them and they will tell you where the RB is. Hope this helped! Cheers.
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