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  1. what about the pig? there might be more to it than just killing it -_-'
  2. my friend did that, kinda ticks me off, i mean im working my butt off to get that golden camo while he dont do jack s**t :|
  3. it would kinda neat if hadez from god of war came out....IMO
  4. ok so i was looking at the web trying to figure out what was up with the knockings in kino well i came upon this video, its alot closer views of the rooms(after teleporting) heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTdOu13V ... re=related i think that all this zombies thing is all a game to samantha(from what i saw)
  5. well if miller, reznov, and dimitri all came back to black ops wheres roebuck?(i know in [email protected] it alternates between who you want to save and stuff but theres a trophy/achievement for specially saving roebuck)
  6. what about the masked soldiers they didnt come out idk but this is leading me to believe that the dlc will be about that gknova video we saw
  7. ok so im looking through VGA's website idk maybe im colorblind or something but the back round looks much like the backround in that old black ops poster they were giving away for pre ordering black ops back in june i think, anyone notice this?
  8. the knocking sounds kinda creeps me out haha anyway i believe the knocking is coming from one of those things in a pod they can be found in the main room close to the teleport if you go up the metal stairs and look to the left their will be another pod with one of those things in it but this time the pod is in a case similar to the ones in the window with the knocking sounds anyone notice this?
  9. well after playing kino der toten a couple of times ive come to realize...its difficult and well im planning on trying to come up with a strategy on solo. also just wondering what strategy do you guys use?
  10. hmm im thinking that the players are gonna be those dudes with masks since they appear alot also i think this map will be in a map called ''rebirth labs''(from the achievements) rather than the hospital p.s those crawler looking things are really creepy......I WANNA KILL THEM!!!!!
  11. dude those are cameras while someones watching them has anyone noticed the zombies trying to break in on the top left side of the video?
  12. hmm my favorite is the monkey bomb mostly because the wanderwaffe and ray gun turn against you when zombies gets close you...so you will just end up dying another reason would be because when a teammate goes down you could just throw a monkey and help him/her and make crawlers...its really usefull :P
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