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  1. Unless the 34 is for days & that would put it at May 29th.
  2. I don't think we have everything we need to move on yet b/c if that was the case. The TACITUS In the April 24th box wouldn't still have static & would be clear, maybe even give us a video or link to something else like they did with the FPSRussia video when we got Quadrotor. Also, I believe the Static & how the Static fluctuates has importance.
  3. the hero door is the room where the original characters are held. if your looking at the vault door where there held turn around and the radio should be on a cabinet or locker type thing on the right. you do them in that same order you said.(ship control, stamina up, end of zip line & hero door) i only did it with two people so i know it worked. the person that does the ship control also has to hit the one by the end of the zip and the one that hits the stamina up has to hit the one next to the "hero's door" as they say. (if you are only doing it with two people, which none of us had stamina up. so that is to the person that said you do need it with two people) i also noticed when you do the dials right in the light house a morris code starts to play and doesn't stop until you get the green light to appear(mine took a couple rounds to get right) first i saw a blinking light in the air by where the submarine appears and another one above the light house. then it became solid as the submarine came back and we got the foghorn combination right(when the submarine comes you hear the fog horns as well, maybe even the same combination we do for foghorn step.
  4. i just did this theory with only one other person and it worked but i must say it is 2746 not 2476 so maybe you should correct that at the top when all the steps are mentioned and you should also add the excel calculator that is on another post here. i also noticed that you have to shoot the guy that goes up the green light and kill him before he gets to the top. i used an upgraded ray gun but you maybe able to use another one i dont know but i do know you have to kill him cuz we tried with the first one and nothing happened. so see if you can add those things to the steps b/c that is where i ran into a couple of problems and other may run into the same problems as well one more thing when the ship appears it should appear right next to where the zip line lets you off from the lighthouse. so that if you mess up on the foghorn(like i did the first time) you will at least know where the submarine pops up to know you can try it again. ok that is all..
  5. I'm gonna try this theory now. I didn't have enough time last night. Although everything seems legit with the theory does anybody else notice after they get the green light to appear in the lighthouse and the rounds starts so they don't get a chance to pick up the golden rod. Only one of them is left "DUAL" i think is his name. Ok well long story short when he buys the box and Phd Flopper. He doesn't waste any points. I don't know if that's a glitch or a hack but if someone knows more in detail what that could be, let us know. (it looks like he was doing something with switching his guns each time he bought them)
  6. whatever you guys decide, let me know, i'm down
  7. where did you get this picture from? cuz i dunno, i haven't seen a couple videos in a while so i could be wrong but how is this confirmed from black ops, i never seen it, looks like a regular picture to me
  8. david vonderhaar just tweeted the answer: "Number of Prestige levels explained. http://tinyurl.com/27drnwh. Requires COD HQ membership. The answer is 15."
  9. wow, that animal looking thing looks like one of those creatures that washed up on "Plum Island" in Long Island, New York, the government started this facility(plum island) to "fight off and test animal made diseases & biological warfare"(supposively there are more across the country and even across the world, also they are upgrading plum island to a facilty in kansas state university in the heart of cattle country manhattan, kansas) but a lot of people say they are also testing on humans there & an epidemic is inevitable (humans bodies were even found washed aside shore)(jesse ventura just made an episode for it on his conspiracy theories series on Tru TV) you should check it out there is a lot of similiar information in there and also the "father of plum island" is Dr. Erich Traub which was second in command to Hitler or at least somewhere high in the chain of command sorry there is so much written but there is just so much information on this and i just took from my head what i had from researching all of this on a side note. but the facts are very similiar
  10. yeah, not a bad idea, i got the first round!
  11. _Ub4gyuzPOo [brains] nice find, i seen it too but you beat me to it... i'll be happy to post up the video though since it's not a "LEAK" lol
  12. it was posted on the 14th but i didn't see anyone do a thread on it so i decided to. there was a couple of things in there that i didn't know about. check it out and let me know what you think. http://www.callofduty.com/intel/370
  13. yeah i enjoyed the content they gave out on the GTTV. i've seen some new gameplay(someone recording the screen with a camera/camera phone) and i notice you actually call the dogs in somewhere(meaning like an airstrike)which is something i didn't know and WAW dogs were not like that but for having to get 4 extra kills this might be an upgrade of the original dogs of WAW. edit: here it is if you want to see it before it gets taken down(low quality but hey its better then nothing) Xawn7kEdDNs there is also a part 2 and 3(just click on the link on the video for parts 2 and 3)which isn't that good either but like i said better then nothing
  14. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/episo ... mments_top look guys its the teaser for tonight new multiplayer map in Cuba, im excited especially since im cuban, so be careful with your cuban words cuz not all cubans are commies...lol
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