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  1. Well I stand corrected. 'Tis a wee bit hard to gauge tone over the interwebz, well done. Either way my statement still stands for a lot of the threads on CODZ .
  2. You know, I see a lot of fail in the threads posted on CODZ by silly little kids. I have to say that this one takes the cake .
  3. I think it will be interesting to see if the "paid content" like map packs etc. will be tied to your "elite" account and you have to continue to pay to use that content. If so, that would be utterly outrageous. Most of the stats and stuff the community mostly does anyway, but it's mainly for all the KDR so and so's I think. Unless the content is pretty special and worthwhile, complete waste of money. The map packs they release now days are hardly worth how much you pay. Just more dollars for Bobby and his investors. On a more positive note. The centralization of this may perhaps help the COD e-sports community, but I don't hold my breath for that.
  4. You have to realize that hardcore zombie players like ourselves are a minority, Treyarch are catering to the greater majority (which play MP the most). I too would love it if they released more zombie maps in the map packs, it sure would make it more worth the money for all of us here . That's why MP is always the biggest focus really for the COD community when a new iteration (copy and paste more like it) is released. They're just following the scent of money. It's a shame that Treyarch doesn't work something out so PS3 and 360 users can't have access to some of the modding content that us PC users have (and will have with BLOPS when PCDev finally finishes and release our mod tools). There is some absolutely great community made zombie content out there for [email protected] If only Activision cared enough about the community to allow access to such content for the console communities, but they're more interested in keeping things even more closed up for you guys so you get burned out by the older CODs so you can't wait to buy the next one or the DLC .
  5. I had searched and didn't find any other threads relating to it. Mah bad.
  6. Once again, a lot of mystery surrounding the next zombie map. I haven't played through Ascension yet so I'm unsure what direction they'll take it in. Let the speculation commence :ugeek: ! Source
  7. I'm guessing Black Ops will be somewhat similar to MW2 in terms of Steam. If so, yes, you do need steam. You still have to be connected to Steam to play SP (which I'm not happy about). You have to connect your copy of Black Ops to your Steam account. Also, it said that every "European copy of Black Ops" is banned in Germany. The UK is in the Europe region no? I guess the Germans will be happy pirating exists .
  8. I certainly hope it nothing that any of you have suggested (except maybe Fortunate Son ), the Eminem song was bad enough.... I think they should use a song from the era of the cold war considering that it takes place predominately in that era. Unless it's a zombie trailer, then I think it should be another song sung my Elena Siegman. The best Trailers Treyarch have made in my opinion have been these ones linked below. COD:[email protected] Reveal Trailer COD:BO World Premiere Uncut Trailer
  9. Bad news for German PC players, it seems that European PC versions of Black Ops has been banned. Steam will only be authorizing localized version of Black Ops so it doesn't look like you'll be able to import a copy of Black Ops from other European countires either. Source One thing I really don't get is why it's only been reported that the PC version and not the console version has been banned. Surely they would both have the same content, unless the higher graphical settings of the PC was too much for the Censorsh... err.... Ratings board. The article also talks about a new trailer coming out on Sunday, but refer to this thread for discussion about it.
  10. Umm.... Hmm.... Somehow I ended up posting in this thread when I could've sworn I was replying to another :? . MAJOR fail on my part :| .
  11. The dogs just sound pretty much like they were in [email protected] but just at a higher killstreak required. They never seemed OP in [email protected] because there's nothing your trusty knife can't do .
  12. Just a few quotes from Carbon picked up from chat .
  13. Ahh, ok. I don't bothering with Twitter so...
  14. Does anybody recall a while back when Treyarch said they will not have the Tactical Nuke in Black Ops MP, or any game ending Killstreak reward, but the highest killstreak reward they have is a 15 killstreak? I know IW only showed up to the 11 Killstreak with the AC-130 (I don't recall them showing the Chopper Gunner) in their MP reveal, and the Tac Nuke was a little surprise for players when they actually released the game. Do you think Treyarch have a nice little surprise in store for us, and what do you think the 15 Killstreak reward might be?
  15. There's already a similar thread viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2635.
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