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  1. Now in possession of both the Golden Rod and the Focusing Stone, Richtofen believes he can now control the group. When they attempt to travel to Area 51, the group finds that it is overrun, so Richtofen leads them a top-secret Moon facility. Due to the Element 115 on the moon, astronauts and scientists sent there have been zombified before the group's arrival. Even worse, Samantha Maxis got to the moon first and has been awaiting their arrival. The moon base was apparently built to uncover an ancient obelisk So it seems we start in area 51 and fight an endless round of zombies until were taken to moon. The time has a seperate leaderboard and is why there is no round counter in the trailers. So the moon base was built to uncover the ancient obelisk which is probably where richtofen will place his items to control the zombies as part of the easter egg. Also in the videos we can see perks and the pack-a-punch macine at Area-51, do you think moon and area-51 have seperate perks and pack or we have to go back down and defend from zombies.
  2. I can easily get 40+ on every map beacuse of trains i hope the gravity stops that so its fast pace, run round and use reaction skill but have good traps and weapons thats what i hope its like
  3. It will do number of bad things but this may be one of the them I think it's random what it does "yea it did something good for nikoli" "throw it down and see what it does for you" "some thing from every map" we have seen it act like dolls from call of the dead maybe monkey ect will return in the one device
  4. On the left side of the screen it also says "brine shrimp" here is some interesting information on them Because the cysts are also very small and require no food, they were chosen as test organisms for the early space experiments. Cysts housed both within and outside the U.S. Apollo and the U.S.S.R. Cosmos spacecraft helped scientists determine the effects of ultraviolet radiation on living cells. http://seagrant.gso.uri.edu/factsheets/931brine.html
  5. Hmm... One thing that many people have complain about since the start of zombies is the fact you can not pause when online. Most games i play last and avarage of 5 hours so its realy needed. The more i see of this map the more i realise that this map is going to be crazy I think they might just be giving us every thing new perks, new guns, space gravity, QED wich i belive does a number of random things, open and closed areas. So maybe as there is no round in this "area 51" place there is a safe zone im not sure how it would work but i realy hope so :)
  6. Should of posted in the loading screen thread
  7. At 0:23 is that zombie "phasing" or just running and does he have a hat on? Its to dark for me to see but that part looks wierd
  8. wow did you read the other topics at all
  9. WTF is that Rambo at the start QED I think you throw it does random things like dolls, monkeys ect with some new good and bad things included Area 51 And the perk is quick draw the perk I've wanted from the start I hope it makes you throw grenades and the QED faster to
  10. :( that means they have not changed the classic maps
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