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  1. here is a video i made on how to get the dead air and its a trap trophy in shi no numa! sorrz may be a lilttle off topic but for the people that dont have it may want to view this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr2aIPXfHCE
  2. actually, if you listen to dr. rictophen he talks about the illuminati and how it should continue=)!
  3. this info may help you=)!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_Glocke covers a lot=)!!!!!!!
  4. whoever views this topic should seriously take the time and play the [email protected] campaign=)!! you would be amazed how close those characters look to the ones in shi no numa and der riese=)!!
  5. shi no numa=)!!!!! figures, the only one that doesnt envolve nazis=)!!!
  6. maybe it could be his son as one of the characters=)?!!
  7. check this out=)!!! http://zoknowsgaming.com/wp-content/gal ... sjuly5.jpg zombie is about in the middle of the page on the second floor=)!!!
  8. could it possibly be mutants from radiation?
  9. so does this tie into black ops? btw GREAT THINKING CARBON!
  10. when shi no numa was first introduced to us more than a year ago you probably wondered where did those characters come from? i actually have an idea to that! when you play the campaign you come across these characters in numerous missions. in the first mission there is that japanese solider that burns your allies eye out with a ciggarette ! that japanese solider happens to be Takeo! in the mission Vendetta, you come across general amsel! at the beginning of the mission take your rifle and glance over him! amsel looks identical to Dr. Rictophen! coincidence? when you storm the beaches of okinoawa, the character Tank Dempsey is cleary Private Polonsky and for Nikoli that is Chernov! all of these 4 characters died during the campaign and that is why they make an appearence in the two Nazi Zombie maps! thanks for checking this out!
  11. hey new to site =) ! what exactly is this gknova6? i know that only seven people were sent usb drives about information during the cold war, but what is its significance? thanks!
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