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  1. I have a 360 and I got the update this morning when I played a couple of matches, I didn't know what it addressed so I didn't really pay attention to the sound of footsteps. Can't wait to get home and test that out... ... or maybe I just want to leave work, go home and play video games
  2. After playing it for over a week, I have a better understanding of the game and here are things I really like about this game: 1. customization - there is tons of it 2. favorite ARs are silenced Galil, ak47 with RDS, and the g11(best for long range), favorite smgs - ak74u with extended mags and the Kiparis with grip 3. maps comes in all shapes and sizes, good variety 4. wager matches - not really good with one-in-the-chamber, but I like all of them, current favorite is sharpshooter 5. codpoints system, I am no longer penalized by being a low level, so many things are available, i just choose what I want, when I want it 6. zombies - played it a little, but I do love the new maps, just into the MP side of BO right now there are many many things I love about this game, but the above are favorites 7. very glad that QS is much more difficult to do things I don't like: 1. spawns - while it is easy to understand that on small maps the spawn system will be very erractic and hard to determine once your team is spread out on it, however the spawns on the bigger maps just sometimes don't make any sense. too many times enemies will spawn right behind me, they kill me and move to my position, then I spawn right where they just spawned at, I kill them, move up to where they just were, then they spawn behind me again, and again, and again, and again... here is a video of a great example of what I am talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZihokTlcwUs BUT, according to david vonderhaar, it is supposed to be addressed in an upcoming patch 2. almost no sounds with footsteps and it doesn't matter what perk you are using. supposed to be addressed in upcoming patch as well 3. LMGs - these guns are really there for people to use when they want something more challenging, otherwise they just don't make sense. for example, the stoner makes you move very slow, has fair amount of recoil, does same damage as most ARs, but you get hardly any ammo with it! lmgs are supposed to be slow moving sprayers and youcan't do that without ammo 4. Hopefully when they release the patch, that it will take away the ability to vote for "previous" map. Every other game I get into is being voted for nuketown. so I stay around and play it, game ends, and guess what, they vote for it again, and again, I leave after that, and this happens with firing range as well. Just show us what the next one is or give us option for random, just not "previous", or at the very least limit how many times you can do a previous map.
  3. bo doesn't allow me to use any special characters at all, is this supposed tobe like that or do we get that unlocked at a certain level? all i wanted to use was the "!"
  4. the smaller the map and the more your team is spread across it, the worse the spawns will be, especially on maps such as nuketown, rust, shipment, dome, etc.
  5. Galil with suppressor, has a fair amount of damage and the supressor cuts down on recoil a good bit. I haven't unlocked anything higher than that yet, so I also like the Enfield with the smiley rds and also the ak47u with grip(once again, cuts down on recoil a lot) I have yet to unlock other attachments because I am still trying to get a good sense of the maps first. However, what I thought was a pretty cool/funny kill cam was watching someone with the flamethrower attachment roasting me, I might unlock that one next
  6. F ign and their stupid low rating review. I absolutely am having a great time playing this game. Wager matches are a blast, my favorite is gun game. I am loving Barebones tdm, core mtdm, and CTF mtdm. Nuketown does get pretty intense because it is so small, matches go very quickly, SMGs are going to be a better choice for this map. Zombies - I love this new map Kino der Toten, reminds me a lot of der riese, just a lot bigger. Variety of zombies(ones that give off noxious gas) and guns = fun times, so far I have made it to round 9 in a group. doa - a very unexpected but fun game, I can't get past round 6 sp - because the online portion of it is so fun, and that there is so much to do, I haven't even peeked at it yet.
  7. 1. Seen some on youtube videos, but after a day of playing, I have yet to see any during a match 2. OP'd? some of the higher killstreaks are a bit overdone on small maps such as Nuketown, but then again, it is more difficult to get that higher killstreak now 3. I haven't seen any cp glitch done 4. I have had any issues with volume My review of this game is this: Awesome! I am blown away by just about every aspect of this game, and the more I play it, the better it gets. I can't see myself going back to any other COD game any time in the near future(or any other game for that matter), there is just so much to see and do.
  8. I don't think a 3 second clip of me ripping open the plastic wrap on a dvd case would be that entertaining to watch
  9. quite a few directors on youtube that got the game early have all said that "sound whoring" is going to be very hard to do, namely because of ambient noise as bob mentioned, but also because you get silent footsteps right out of the gate with Ninja. you won't really be able to make use of your headset until you get Ninja pro. *sigh* I have to wait until I leave work today to pick it up. Thankfully, I planned this out and will have the entire day off tomorrow
  10. See I am the opposite. I have school from 8 in the morning till about 4:30 and you are probably wondering why I do not just start at 5. Well it takes me a while to get home because I walk, then I have to eat dinner. no worries dude, I kinda guess that you either worked or had school and couldn't do it during the day. I am not great at organizing things or otherwise I would do one for during the day, so I guess I'll wait and see if someone else is willing to put one together for during the day, anyone else out there willing to do that?
  11. It is too bad that you are having it that time of day. I actually took the day off and will be on it all day on the 10th, and the time that you are holding it is when the wife gets home lol in case you change the time to a much earlier time xbox gamertag: flipitj time zone: Central
  12. I have to say it will be a toss up between MP and zombies. That was how it was when playing Waw. But I think initially I will play MP more.
  13. A lot of people who get the game early a week or two every year do it because they know of a "mom and pop" type smaller store that sells game. Idon't think they are supposed to be doing it, but oh well. Just a couple more days!!!!!
  14. Every new video means i need to change pants again!!!!!!! I can't wait for release day!
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