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  1. Off topic -You might want to fix the subject. I think you mean Leader boards. OT - yeah that is a major glitch they need to fix. it really sucks.
  2. I think you guys meant "best fail thread ever"
  3. Thats what I said. about 5-6 posts above yours.
  4. I watched it. It looked legit. And if it was fake why would Activision claim copyright on it if it was false???
  5. .Mpg is NOT a video extension. you are thinking of .Mpeg because .Mpg is a map file. .Mpeg is a common video file extension, where as I have seen plenty of map files in [email protected] that use the .Mpg extension. If there is 2 .Mpg file types, one being video and one being map file, then I guess we will never know... im sure .mpg is not a map file i could be wrong but i am sure it is a file extension for audio and video so might see it in the files of a game just google .mpg wont play and see what it say im only curious just like everybody else in this thread and trying to find out if its true or not http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.mpg
  6. It is Not nacht der untoten, but it looks a tad like it... But Because of the BAR its not believable. Although they could do the same thing as on kino? The MP40.But the mp40 is there because of the film Ignesious Bastards. They raid a cinema with mp40's. I think its one of those create a map thingys from PC. Nope. Its Nacht Der Untoten....... http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt ... 80&bih=923
  7. I'm calling this a fake. You can't even tell what game that this is from. This could be from ANY game. It doesn't even look like its from call of duty, yet alone black ops zombies. But if this is true I'll go ahead and apologize. Guess we will find out February 2nd.
  8. If this actually happened and it happened to me I would have gotten a crawler and taken my PHONE and taken pictures. I'm pretty sure that this guy has a phone.
  9. Not trying to be rude but, like I always say pics or it didn't happen. This sounds really true and someone made a good point of why would he put a lot of time into faking this? But no one (except for 3arch) will know until February second.
  10. That really sucks man I wish you the best of luck, and not to be an @sshole its prestige.
  11. the bear is an easter egg used through out a lot of the Call Of Duties.
  12. I only see 2 things with devil in it.....everything else it boating terms or fish.
  13. Actually that picture looks to be real....and those glasses are real...viewtopic.php?f=57&t=3850
  14. It's been confirmed!! It's prototype 2!!!!!!! dGjnBE8KNzE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGjnBE8K ... r_embedded
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