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  1. , lack of originality. how do you hate the gun balance? so far it seems very balanced to me. and to respond to another comment, yes i have seen a lot of ak74u but that doesn't mean it is any better than the gun im using. its just a gun that a lot of people like to use. in previous games, the gun that everyone used was OP, but in this game a lot of people are just using the gun. it is still kind of early to tell if this game is balanced, but so far the only problems i see are spawning and the RC-XD
  2. lets start with the things i love. right now, i LOVE the fact that i can use practically any gun, and still get kills with it. this game is so balanced that it is ALMOST perfect. that being said, the RC-XD is just a little overpowered. back to the things i like, i love being able to play this game without raging all the time. it seems like no matter my K/D, i never rage. my cumulitive K/D is like .60 or .70 or so, and i don't even care. in mw2, i would get so mad because everyone used the same gun. but here, for some reason, its just so much FUN!
  3. well, i take it as a huge slap in the face that they SAID I COULD LOG 2 ACCOUNTS IN, but then went back and said, oh wait our mistake. WHY WOULD YOU PUT THE INFO OUT JUST TO TAKE IT BACK!!! YOU MUST BE SURE!!! i can't find myself using this feature often, but its still kind of annoying. i hope vahn was telling the truth about him working on it..
  4. AWH FIDDLESTICKS! i just wanted to be first for once oh well, it doesn't really matter, this thread can be locked.
  5. i only thought it was really funny because of the amazing resemblance with some of the threads on the CoD: BO forums. im not saying you CAN'T quickscope, i just agree with the fact of making it very difficult to. that way, i will admire those who kill me that way, instead of thinking "damn, that stupid 12 year old kid probably thinks he is zzirGrizz or Hutch now."
  6. well it was updated..... you can't have 2 psn accounts on anymore for black ops, they changed it so they just log in as guest. but it wouldn't be the first, Resistance 2 allowed 2 psn accounts at once.
  7. okay fools check this out this has a very suspicious resemblance to the pro-quickscoping threads on the official black ops site. i especially like the part where hitler bashes knifing. (for the record, i have nothing against CoD4 quickscoping, but i agree with TreyArch's decision to remove quick scoping. MW2 was ridiculous. #JDisRIGHT) qqSYUBPfJME
  8. ^ This Plus no killsteaks stack which is AWESOME! NO Napaalm -> Chopper Gunner -> Gunship! killstreaks DO stack, i think you mean that they aren't cumulative anymore. you can still get 3 kills (UAV) then kill 2 more people and get your care package, and then after you throw your package you use the UAV.
  9. i quickscope sometimes, but i WANT it removed. it unbalances the game. the only people that really care about this are just butthurt that they can't run around with their interventions and be "Pr0 N0sc0p3rZ". it was kind of dumb anyways. besides, those who were good at quickscoping in WaW will probably be able to quickscope in this game too.(Quick-Scoping in WaW was amazingly more difficult than CoD4 or MW2 cause of the awkward way the snipers pulled up their scopes)
  10. they were hard at work making Black Ops. they did more support than Infinity Ward EVER did. 3 map packs, each containing 3 new maps, most of which were pretty good, and 1 new zombie map which is ALWAYS a plus. be glad with what you get. cod4 only got 1 map pack...
  11. i would say that i could do it, but im only 15 and i dont think i would be able to keep up with the forums. good luck to whoever gets it, and i hope you do a good job ;)
  12. vowellpuny


    yea, it would cost to much money. they would probz try to sell the normal version for like $100 LOL
  13. okay citizens and members of CODZ, i know that i am not supposed to talk about or show leaked gameplay on the forums, but i saw something that i thought people should know about. AKIMBO SHOTGUNS! of course, they won't be like the models , probably more like the rangers. but still, i can't believe it was in the game! now, granted, the guy whoms perspective i was watching from was knifed by the akimbo shotguns guy, i still saw the guy attempt to shoot them, and they had absolutely trash range. he was at about a commando lunge away, and the shotguns still didn't kill him. im sorry, Carbonfibah, if this is violating your no leaked footage rule but i just felt i had to share it.
  14. now, i have to admit, that tentacle rape stuff is extremely disturbing. but anyways, i think it makes more sense to have less violence but more sex. if children are exposed to sex at an earlier age, maybe we won't have as many stupid-ass teens walkin around with slutty reputation. i think that the mystery and concealment of sex is what makes teens want to do it so much. basically, i find it odd that i can go watch tv, and find some guys head get blown clean off. but then, if there is a part in the same movie where the people are having sex, not full out porn, sex, they will cut it out. now THATS bs....
  15. wow, a lot of people are going to be jizzing on their black ops disks i see.... with the option "try a little of everything" i find the other options to be Obsolete. thats what i do with every CoD game. i'll play 1 game of multiplayer first, then probably 1 game of zombies, then start playing the campaign for a while.
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