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  1. I don't think that Samantha Maxis is evil, because I try to look at it through her perspective. To be evil, one must have no other reason for doing bad deeds other than for personal gain or pleasure. As of right now, I don't think she has anything to gain out of this, rather than closure. Wouldn't you be a little pissed if your father had used your dog for horrible experiments, As if seeing your dead dog might be a emotional sight, Imagine it looking as if it came from the depths of hell itself! Not only that, I think Samantha has a little bit' of a grudge against Richtofen and the crew because Richtofen is comfirmed to be the one that had put her in this form of ghostly immortality, and killed her father. Ask yourself this, "Wouldnt I be a little pissed off if that happened to me". Lastly, the lyrics of " Abracavre" point out that she is immortal, " What dead men have and rich require, I'm what contented men desire." And for those who don't understand, that's the riddle. Greedy people want everything, especially immortality! Anyways, being immortal to someone who isn't greedy is like a greedy man in hell, and vice versa. That's how I approach this, let me know if I missed something.
  2. "I am what men love more than life Fear more than death or mortal strife What dead men have and rich require I’m what contented men desire Is nothing. Men love nothing more than life and fear nothing more than death, a dead man has nothing and a rich man needs nothing. and nothing can content mens desire." 1 Word. Immortality.
  3. These topics make me laugh. The problem is, if you are getting that pissed off at the people that make the game, maybe they aren't the ones with the problem. Calling people greeady & all sorts of things, when you dont even know the situation, or who these people are, or their ambitions in life. There is a reason why they are them, and you are you. I'm probably going to get flamed for this, it doesn't make a difference to me. In the end, one should look to the sky, and see that there is beauty in the world, and we are neglecting it for these petty video games. However, My opinion is this, I play video games all the time, and I have had my fair share of anger issues with these games. I have empathy for all of thse that this may apply to, but I never understood where flamming the games came from. And there was a guy in this forum that basicly pointed out, you are going to buy it, even if you say you won't. He is completly right, unless you wanna sit in the dark playing out-dated games only a handfull of people play. For instance, a friend of mine went all to peices after playing call of duty 4 till 3 in the morning, every morning. [email protected] came by, and after a while " i'm not playing that, cod:4 is way cooler. MW2 came by " I hate this fucking game and the develepors who made it". BO came by " I hate this game and the developers who made it." But even he realized why he was buying the games he enjoyed flamming, for two reasons. 1. He has nothing better to do but play and flame video games 2. People don't like doing the same thing, everyday. Especially with video games, that's the real reason why you flame it. Even if you deny this, your subconcious is telling the truth. It is getting kinda late, so I'm gonna get off here, if you disagree with what I said, make it a legitmate arguement. Or at least use imaginitve words, put some thought into what you say. And most of all, evaluate your emotions as you read this, maybe it will help you discover your true character. I'de like to know of at least one person I had influenced with this. Oh, and dont be shy! Anyone who reads this, will never, ever see you in Real Life. Maybe that is a good thing, because there isn't a single person that goes around in real life flamming these things, for multiple reasons, but im not going into that. Yours truly, Physicalchimera
  4. I would also like to point out that the best music for zombies is quite piano ( or orchestrated) music that has to do with the " 3 D's, Death. Disease. Destruction.) Thanks three prophets, very helpfull. Inspires the mood, but doesnt disrupt the in-game audio too much! :-)
  5. This has been posted before , I think. Because I remember commenting on the photo because it is the very room that David Vandarhaar and Josh Olin were interviewed in about black ops before it came out. The show they were interviewed for was G4TV's " bonus round" segment. This might help because Treyarch had the place setup as a room for misc. use. And that photo may or may not be the last we see as far as the room in the photo is to be concerned. P.s. I am always available for discussion and debate on my theories and givin facts. It makes me happy to know I was wrong so I can learn from that mistake and perhaps give you guys the fullest of my ' theory making potentials'!
  6. I'de like to nominate StopDropNroll, and myself.
  7. Can i get a picture with the same red hue, just like the one of Nikoloai , except a picture of Hudson instead. And have it say "Chimera" at the bottom? Please and thank you.
  8. *Analisys* Red phone- may have somthing to do with something Room- That was the room David vandarheer & Josh Olin were interviewed on g4tv's bonus round. more edits later.
  9. Notice the collar....... Now look at the silhouette picture on kino. Same jacket. [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains]
  10. It is, they concluded that it was just an easter egg in the game to see if any1 would notice.
  11. What do you guys listen to when you play zombies, and do you listen to that artist or song on a specific map? I listen to: -Unforgivin I , II, III by Metallica on Nacht der untoten -Elena Siegman & Kevin Sherwood on Vurruckt -various piano solo's on shi no numa ( makes it feel intense 4 some reason) -Cold War Kids on Der Riese -eminem's newer albums( 3ncore and recovery) on "five" I dont list Kino der toten because when I only play tht map when my freind wants me to, otherwise, it's not my favorite. ( I LOVE the updated Nacht der untoten btw)
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