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  1. Great Scott! This is heavy! So like COTD.... We will have celebrity characters to play as? I call dibbs on Christopher Lloyd. :P
  2. Sorry to bring back this topic but I was listening to this on youtube again and it finally hit me. Doesn't this sound like the Fly Trap from Der Riese? I was playing it just the other day and I sat there for a minute trying to remember where I had heard it. It sounds just like it! Power Vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=en ... oJmYnZtqWI Fly Trap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hxidifP_C4 (Go to 2:40)
  3. To me it sounds like it says "hush" at 0:16 and then it turns off. It sounds like a creepy kind of voice so probably not a main character. I noticed that the static on this video is different from the others. There is a white line on the right side of the screen starting at 0:08 when the static noise starts and goes away at 0:18. I have no idea if this means anything but I happened to see it. Now about the music? I have a couple of ideas. This could be the starting music when you are in the dinner. I know there have been theories that we start on the bus, but this could be where we start with the music playing. This also could be another trap for zombies. Since they are in that era and love that type of music. This could make them stop or head toward what ever is making the music. Kind of like a monkey bomb.
  4. Since i think its a farm , could it maybe be a tractor? I mean like the lights right above it it's that thing you can barely make out and on the tractor it has like (idk what it's called) on top of the front. Ha ha! Sorry, as you can tell I didn't grow up on a farm. I what I wanted to say was tractor. You were right on about that. It looks like the two head lights and a grill. Sorry for the small image by the way.
  5. https://twitter.com/#!/Bob25623354/medi ... 2FZrJVJDKX I started to mess around with the picture but couldn't quite find out what this was. It almost looks like a skull or a machine. Maybe a plow as part of a trap that can be activated? It looks too big to be a zombie or anything of that size. ALSO, The picture that I downloaded had kind of a funky file name. "A3IIzuFCUAAd_Pl.jpg large" Could it mean something?
  6. Can you imagine trying to run away from the zombies through that corn field? I'm ready to start running some zombie trains!
  7. Oh ya it does! Only some maps have come off creepy. This looks good for the future maps to come. Bring out that dark side Treyarch!
  8. Where and when is this? Those powerlines look modern to me. Could this be part of Nuketown Zombies?
  9. I know that but in the twits they say its coming very very soon. I am with everyone here. I want a sick trailer! I hope you are right.
  10. I agree, I doubt we will get one tonight or this Friday. They still have more zombie map pictures to release on their Facebook page as well. What could be the next Gamestop content drop coming in 19 days? That is mid October which was close to when we got the last zombie trailer for Black Ops I. Or am I wrong?
  11. Hey guys. I hope this isn't old news. I'm glad to see Treyarch is fixing things so fast. http://www.product-reviews.net/2010/11/ ... ems-fixed/
  12. Wow, I guess that's what we get for playing online for free. What a downer for the guest that plays with you. They need to see this and change it asap!
  13. This is a great idea guys! Whatever you end up doing, let me know. I'm for sure in!
  14. Hey what's up guys! I just found this online and thought it was pretty cool. It didn't have the decals on the Jeep in the picture so I wonder what it might have. Think they might hand out copies of BO with each purchase? It's the least they could do. It's $30,000! I thought the Prestige edition was a lot! http://blogs.wsj.com/drivers-seat/2010/ ... s-vehicle/ PSN: Flatlander929
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