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  1. Message me right now! Or join me. Travvvy91
  2. Yo hit me up! Travvvy91 I would love to knock it out
  3. Hit me up! Lets get this bitch done! Travvvy91
  4. Ok so I was playing tranzit about an hour ago, and I decided to run from Farm-Power... While I was doing this I was looking at the tower in the cornfield (I have completed ToB). As I was looking at it I noticed the corn, I havent been in the cornfield in sometime, and to me the Corn looked liked it had grown ALOT. Maybe I just havent noticed the corn in awhile but to me it looked taller.
  5. Has anyone EMP'd the bus driver while his eyes are red?
  6. After reading this entire post, I find this Dan fool a complete joke. The highest point in the game would be one of the towers. How the hell would you get up there to zip line? I still like the whole "commitment" theory. I have been noticing the tower being more active sense I completed maxis' side.
  7. I like where your heads at with this one. If your on PSN add me... Im always on exploring new ideas. Travvvy91 Also the thing about the workbench under the Tower is that the denzions do not attack you. The only other place I have seen this is in the middle of the bridge. Just a thought.
  8. What if you can direct the light beams in town with the Zombie Shield? Just a thought.
  9. I am starting to agree with this theory. I completed the ToB side early this morning. And only later tonight did i finally see the weird orbs in the mystery box. Im staying on Maxis' side.
  10. No you do not need to build the table to complete ToB, its only for richtofens part.
  11. Ok. Do we know if making a portal at a lamp without having the EE done causes the same flicker and sparks? I cant remember. Someone will have to test it.
  12. After we completed the ToB I was in town keeping a Zombie alive and messing around. I was trying different things, but when I threw a *semtex at the 1st dryer on the wall a Power Up spawned directly underneath the tower! It goes from insta kill to 2x points. http://www.youtube.com/embed/rnHFImD__Vc
  13. No, you have to open a portal to make the green sparks start. Yes it is true that they make the Red spinning thing then shoot a beam to the power with no portal present.
  14. After we all completed the ToB (for the first time) we started to do the other Side of the story. Build the table underneath the tower. Along the way I decided to create a Portal, this was where I put my turbine to finish the ToB achievement the first time around. After about 30sec or so I noticed something very strange... It look as if the Portal was having an effect on the light post. The light started sparking green like as if it were being charged up, you'll see in the video. I also ran to the diner to try the same thing... It did in fact do the same thing at the diner. http://www.youtube.com/embed/v7zQvk_TBUI Let me know what you guys think, and sorry for the shitty iPhone quality, all I have! haha
  15. Add me on PSN if there are people out there that just wanna look around for the next step to the EE. PSN = Travvvy91 lemme know!
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