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  1. JD is a refrence to JD_2020. hes the community manager for treyarch
  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL....... do u know how u did it?
  3. yea however when it showed the aug, there was millions of zombies running. so... yea its going to be a dlc, but its not finished
  4. i remember back when the first update came out for gknova6 and it showed an aug assault rifle on the wall. there is no zombie map with an aug on the wall tho... i remember it looked like verruckt, maybe another insane asylum for a zombie map? i doubt it, but there are so many possibilities to zombies tho....................... :?:
  5. when at the end of the campaign and it showed mason at the airport jfk arrived at the day jfk died? i was so shocked because the "Ascention" code directed mason to kill jfk. to be honest, i wish he didnt. o by the way, woods isnt dead ) for those who did not know)
  6. he called it "thehand935' because look at the 935 logo. still, he could be fake. there is a good percentage the Fredrich is fake. idk, further investigation shall take place
  7. hes beginning to post vieos. fake, or legit? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20Te-YHgZeY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGo_nqeNVvI i hope this isnt more fake shit :facepalm:
  8. someone might be playing a hoax, but i got a message by the name of Fredrich Rudendorf. I was contacted by YouTube. This is his YouTube channel (which was made on Nov. 15 2010) http://www.youtube.com/user/935ID5902 any guesses? :?:
  9. One day when I was on facebook, I put the link of GKNOVA6 in the update for Call of Duty people to see and go to if they havn't heard of the site. I saw there were 4 thumbnails (pics) to go along with the link. One was an ESRB, the rating company logo, that said T-M on it. Then the next had a pic of a web privatizing company logo. Then there was an ACTIVISION logo. The next one confirmed it right away. The last thumbnail was a Treyarch logo. :shock: So yea can't wait for some zombies!!! :D
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