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  1. I think the game is going to come out on 13th of November. The mentioning of the word eclipse on the boxes in game stores, http://cdn.gamerant.com/wp-content/uplo ... isplay.jpg COD games coming out on early November, connection of Tacitus to the Eclipse and this; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_ecli ... r_13,_2012 Adds up imo.
  2. Wow looks like they heard me
  3. I like the idea of getting 7 perks by doing something hard. I like the idea of a change of play style. Rounding zombies up and than shooting them is avoided and players are encouraged to run around the map using ropes and such. I like the change of pace given with new well-known characters. BUT.. The well known characters are tied-up to the story very weakly. I would actually prefer If they were not tied up at all and it was a fun map. With all the questions hanging there from previous maps, George Romero is not answering any of them. I think MP3 will do it with smaller spaces, but having George around did not change my play style it just made it torture. You can shoot him by mistake, cant use explosives around him and he speeds up the zombies. And If I am playing online, since usually I am at the open area near the lighthouse I have to baby sit him while others are basically cruising. I would prefer to get the 7 perks with the easter-egg so that there would be a point in doing it every game. I wish the easter-eggs would be 10x harder but 10x more rewarding. My MAIN problem with George is his stupid EARTHQUAKES.. Some guy from across the map shoots him and I have to slow down for enough time to get slapped in the face 4 times leaving me either bloody red or killing me. I think it is ridiculous that I die because some other guy shot George from across the map. This happens so often because I tend to gather them in large groups and as soon as I do I get hit with the earthquake and die. Not to mention the max ammo not being there every 5 rounds. Scavenger is overpowered If you use it with vr11 and its fun as hell, but I usually end up dying to George Romero (I still cant believe I am referring to a movie director as a zombie boss) cornering me because somebody else pissed him off and used the rope to get away or shot him and I died to his earthquakes. I bought the map basically because of the trailer. None of the melee stuff or the Akimbo Rangers were there. I would really like to see some melee gameplay. Ascension sucked because of monkeys stealing your perks and you cant do anything about it if you are playing with less than 4 people. Call of the Dead sucked because of Romero. Im getting sick of zombies because of the new maps. If they want us to stop camping, than they have to change the game mechanics. Either keep the zombies weak but increase their numbers every round or let us camp. I would like to make use of regular shotguns in higher levels. I want derivatives of the old maps nothing more.
  4. Whats with the 6 different files with ranging sizes? Which one to download? EDIT: There are BLES numbers and you need to download the number matching your disc number.
  5. I just looked in to those and these monitors show different angles of the room that can not be seen from the alley window but definitely the same room.
  6. Nope I didnt know that will look there too thanks! But the interesting thing is that the angles change with each of the monitor you look into. A couple of nice pictures can give us a 360 view of this room.
  7. As I said Im really really sorry about that but I dont know how without a capture card and I dont have a proper camera right now but just go into solo to the stage and see it for yourself, there is no doubt that it is a room not on the map but of Kino. Should take you about 10 mins at most to get there.
  8. First of all I would like to say I`m sorry that I dont have a capture card but even with them, you really need to take a look at it yourself to really see. I took these with my cellphone so bare with me. So I was playing on solo when I left a crawler far away and went prone to smoke a cigarette, in front of the power control things on the stage(Near the movie storage spawn room with the red lights). While I was smoking a cigarette, I noticed that the reflections from the screens included an open roof room, so I was like meh maybe treyarch is lazy. So here is the first pic; Than I realized that there is a red light on one of them; (which I believe is from the red room but anyway) You can kinda pick out the sofa on the left and the door or an unpowered perk machine across. So what is this room? I looked around to maybe find another of these machines and I did, on the next room after the alley, where the third meteorite is; What the machine looks like; Images from this machine differed from the top two screens and the bottom three screens showing the same room but from different angles; Top screens; Bottom; You can barely tell the contents but you can easily see that the roof is different in each picture. I tried to show these with a sniper rifle but again even with a capture card you should see these on your on TV to really pick out the door or the perk machine the sofa the roof and the rest of this room. This was really coincidental and dont know If it has anything to do with anything but you can clearly tell that it is a room in Kino from the sofa and the door. In case pictures dont show; http://img35.imageshack.us/g/img00043201102051631.jpg/ EDIT: If anyone with a capture card can get a nice picture that would be much appreciated.
  9. Hey guys, I just noticed that after somebody teleports, as you shoot the top of the teleporter from the inside, smoke comes out. Might be just an animation, or might be related to something else but just wanted to share. Gonna try to see if it fits any of the theories especially the fuse box theory, since the smoke animation is exactly the same as when you knife the fuse boxes. Thanks.
  10. Its also on Kino; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTd4sKTOupU
  11. So do you guys think that just the musical easter egg and a couple of pictures are all there is to easter eggs on five? I searched around but couldnt find the code for five so there might be more to it. As a ps3 user I cant play ascension so I started playing this map quite a bit and it doesnt look that bad once you get used to the pack-a-punch room tactic. If done correctly easier than kino even in my opinion. Like the black hole bomb in ascension I think the winters howl has something to do with the easter eggs in five; shoot at the clocks maybe? What do you guys think?
  12. I agree that codes destroy the easter egg hunt. But looking at the codes it says that the passkey is luna but secret 1 as hitsam and secret 2 as hyena spelled out from the landers. Anyone test those yet?
  13. The Teddy Bear takes its name from Theodore Roosevelt, when he refused to shoot a bear in 1902. ( "My mother told me not to hurt animals anymore." -Richtoffen not that there is any connection.) Simultaneously, Teddy Bears were made in Germany with the production name PB 55, unaware of the production in USA. So maybe, just maybe, teleporters were discovered simultaneously in US and Germany. That would explain the teleporters in the map FIVE since they are very different than the one in Kino. Or somewhere in along in time we will go to 1902 in the future(?), and like the JFK we meet Roosevelt and see why he lied or what he lied about. Just taking wild guesses...
  14. The alarm might have to do something with the pentagon thief since he steals your guns and an alarm is sounded when he arrives. Given the number of guns or the required guns are sacrificed in the pack a punch machine, something might happen maybe.
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