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  1. Why? According to them the heads of IW broke their contract by trying to make a deal with EA. It would be their fault that they were fired not Activision's. Money.......
  2. Really? I didn't know... I noticed that the site kept showing some nazi doctors running away before the zombie outbreak from the story and lots of footage from the mission where you have to go stop Mason in a place where there might be a NOVA6 outbreak... well have you seen the sug on the wall in zombies... well its not there... and the wall that it is on doesnt resemble ANY wall in the game ? so gknova6 will be used as showing us whjat new dlc will be shown In wii,it is there.
  3. What happend to Pvt.Miller and rest of this team? :?:
  4. I think this is black ops,because you see on the right picture....looks like that word is blacked...... :o
  5. When i played cod 2 comrade sniper when i watched that German sniper and so i shot him but i missed,and he explosived HIMSELF,and i said "wtf?" and my comrade says "good shot,comrade!",no wonder that poor guy...
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