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  1. this map looks beat though cant wait to kill some space monkeys
  2. the new character is seen with nikali when going up on that rocket thing.
  3. any body seen the new update for gknova6.com it looks to be like a half monkey half man maybee a new boss check it uot and tell me what you think.
  4. butz86

    blue map on five

    i notice that on five that big blue screen in second floor shows all the contenites and shows arrows going to other places onother contenites and x's on other places possibly dlc maps in the future just a thought.
  5. i have also noticed this a lot around both maps five and kino der torten i keep seeing blood stains in the form of the grim reaper dont no but maybe also a new boss that would be kinda fun fighting the grim reaper. I AM VICTOR REZNOV AND I WILL GET MY REVENGE.
  6. i dont think this was posted before and i think its being over looked those pictures of movies in kino der torten like the pgymiro and the faust might be new bosses in future like in the gknova6 website in one of the tvs there is a ladie floating in a cross type shape like in the pgymiro poster and the tale of the faust is about a man who deals his soul to the devil for all knowlege and wordly pleausers and he isnt pleases gets bored asks for more powers the devils assistant gives them to him but gets his sole after 24 years and in the end he gets his soul and blah blah blah but you might have to fight him or the devil or his assistant so leave a comment on what you think .
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