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  1. Well, hello! Just one thing you need to know about this site: Don't. Start. Fanboy. Wars. Other than that, enjoy! :lol:
  2. Hey! How've you been? Good, I hope! I've been doing great. Thanks for asking. I've been cheating on CoD with Assassin's Creed lol. I remembered this site as one of my most beloved forums! It feels good to be back. c:
  3. I'm back! c: I'll try to spend more time on here. Sorry I forgot about you guys. :c Can you forgive me? By the way: Congrats Carbon for 9,000 members! See you guys later!
  4. I don't, it's been almost a year since I've gotten on this thing. AND I'M READY FOR EASTER EGG HUNTING!!! :D
  5. Why not? IW is as good as Treyarch. Give them another chance.
  6. Yea but I didn't pre-order it yet. :C
  7. Carbon my dear friend, YOU are a pervert.
  8. Why Hello there everyone! Do you guys remember me? I hope you do! Skool is almost out and Summer is riseing. So I will be coming back but I will be only playing PS3 from now on, yes I know it's down but I trust it will be back out before Esclation launches for the consle. P.S.: I spelled School like that for a reason, BECAUSE OF INVADER ZIM!!!!!!
  9. Carbon is a n00b is saw one of his vids and he had a Silenced Galil, I mean how badly do you want kills? im sorry Carb, but come on........ Ya jeez just use the ak74u like everyone else and spray like a noob with it like everyone else.....like *cough snowdog cough* Nice Win! I just like to pick on Carbon a lot off the site!
  10. Carbon is a n00b is saw one of his vids and he had a Silenced Galil, I mean how badly do you want kills? im sorry Carb, but come on........
  11. 12 with randoms. I suck at zombies :cry:

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