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  1. I used to be obsesed with the forums and would spend hours looking aroun the map with my mate for the "secret" room or how to "unlock Der Riese". But nothing was ever found and then there was the storm of Mw2 and now the hype of cod BO. So what happened? Did everyone just give up or did Crop Circles or Mikey Saints ever found out?
  2. Hockney

    A nuke in 30 secs...wait, 30?

    yes- a nuke in 30secs, -but wait, there was no skill involved just pure luck or a set up, all he had to do was shoot 6 guys and get harriers from hardli- wait, he used a grenade???? ffs
  3. Hockney


    yeh was the password for the pdf file found?
  4. Hockney


    if only we could figure out how to get to one of those screens... maybe since they are trying there hardest to draw our attention to the screen; moving the wire, making it bigger, we could access it by doing something outside the screen like type a code on the keyboard or something that doesn't involve the video.
  5. Hockney

    Transmission #4 Is Up On GKNOVA6!

    maybe all these are the same thing: 5+5=10 KARL+NAPOLEON= ??? b+d = ??? also divide that by 10 and you get 363.9 round to 1dp and its 364, the days in a leap year. possibly something? edit: it was late i cant deal with numbers
  6. Hockney

    Transmission #4 Is Up On GKNOVA6!

    nice find its coming together. 5=5=10 thing. 33 degrees =d =b
  7. Hockney

    Transmission #4 Is Up On GKNOVA6!

    I don't understand how the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was significantly caused by tension in Germany. Serbian terrorists assassinated him because of his polices of merging Serbia and Austria Hungry. Also the arms race between Germany and Britain was significant and the fact that Germany believed it deserved an overseas empire like France and Britain. France and Germany had old tensions between themselves from a past war in the late 1800 which Germany won. The separate alliances the triple entant (Britain France and Russia) and the triple alliance (Germany Austria Hungry and Italy) cause even more tension because of the separation of Europe between the superpowers of that time. Then came the assassination and war began as: Russia declares war on Austria Hungry in protection of Serbia. Germany - Russia France - Germany Britain - Germany Thats what i know in brief of late 1800's + causes of WWI. but i would be happy to learn how Napoleon had a part to play :)

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