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  1. Overall, the galil and the thundergun pap'd are great Lamentation (I think is what the galil is called) and zeus cannon OPorters X2 raygun isn't bad
  2. That is most likely a glitch, seeing as how I only see those types of zombies AFTER I throw a gersch device. It may, or may not be a glitch, but as far as I think, that moon walk thing is just a glitch, seeing as how once they take a little bit of damage, they go back to normal.
  3. Then wait to turn on the power until you get a good enough gun. Elevator system, just hit the switch again. Five is more of a multiplayer map, camping in the PaP room with two up front, and two guarding the back windows.
  4. Same here, I've done it with 4 people, 2 of them downed. Glitches 6, 7, 8, and 10 have never happened to me, but I can see you use a ps3. My thought is, ps3 has more glitches than the Xbox, since that's what system I use to play zombies. Who here has an Xbox and any of these things happened to them?
  5. I like all of them, but it depends what i feel like. after a game of der riese, you sometimes don't feel like playing it anymore, not with shi no numa where you can just keep playing!
  6. Zombie boss? eh, that would be for a different zombie game. nazi zombies is just about survival, against no bosses! that would make it a different game. dogs was just a way treyarch made sure you got a max ammo every so often. if they made zombie bosses in a nazi zombie map, i would much rather play a different map, even if it means going back to nacht der untoten!
  7. Well, it depends, what map are we talking about? You have to pick ray gun for NDU and Veruuckt since that is the only waffe weapon there.
  8. Above the grave is a cross that has a piece of paper that says "Peter". What do you think of that? Of course, there is nothing in the grave but a wunderwaffel DG2 which you take. Anyway, the grave just stresses that Tank is NOT Peter. Maybe The wunderwaffe DG2 in the grave IS peter!!! =o lmfao xD Lol, good one.
  9. Above the grave is a cross that has a piece of paper that says "Peter". What do you think of that? Of course, there is nothing in the grave but a wunderwaffel DG2 which you take. Anyway, the grave just stresses that Tank is NOT Peter.
  10. When shi no numa for the ipod was told that it would be out by the end of a certain week, people got really excited. When the end of the week came, it hadn't come out. People got mad, but when treyarch announced one of the test plays had a glitch, people understood. A couple days later, it came out. But I noticed there was no hanging man, was that the glitch? That somehow they couldn't make a hanging man because maybe it kept glitching, so they made the grave instead. I also noticed, as you can see on the shi no numa is now available for the ipod touch article, if you look at the dog round picture, it says round 4. That could have been another glitch they couldn't figure out.
  11. If you open the debris, the zombies can come from behind you while you are opening up the mystery box. If you open the door, while getting the mystery box they can only come from the 3 ways, the one area where you camp on dog rounds, the door by the storage door, and from the main way.
  12. Just wondering I will tell you what opening thing wins when the poll is over.
  13. If you don't understand an achievement or can't seem to get it, just post a reply and I will give you hints and tips. Here are two that don't get achieved a lot. My kind of psycharity- Survive 5 rounds in Veruuckt with only the flamethrower -Alright, you CAN'T use grenades, electric barriers, cocktails, bouncing betties, when it means ONLY, it means only. You can still get nukes, and insta-kills. If you don't get the flamethrower from the box by round 10, restart and try again. Spend ALL your points on the mystery box, then when you get the flamethrower, get juggernaug and open areas so you can run around. OneShotRod- kill 4 zombies in a row with only a single shotgun shot. -Get this achievement in nacht der untoten, open the help room when you have 2,200 points and buy the double barreled shotgun, then let all the zombies in. Then, try to line them up and shoot 4 in a row. If a nuke comes, ignore it. Insta-kill, get it, and you can get OneShotRod easier since the shotgun shot will fly through all of the zombies like a hot knife through butter. These are on the ipod version, but I can help you with any one.
  14. Gun man

    No guns?

    I have been able to take a gun out of the mystery box even though I didn't open it! What happened was, my bro had a ray gun and a browning with no ammo, ( we were playing veruuckt on the ipods) and was trying to get the mg. well, a stg came up so he left to go repair barriers. I had gotten hit by the crawler ( I was messing around with it) and went to the box to see what he got. When I got there, it said, "Trade Weapons" but i didn't since i had an mg and ray gun.
  15. What he is after? I am pretty sure that, he could have been looking for whatever he was looking for in shi no numa, met Tank and the others, decided that it was probaly in der riese, and somehow teleported everyone there.
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