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  1. I used to be obsesed with the forums and would spend hours looking aroun the map with my mate for the "secret" room or how to "unlock Der Riese". But nothing was ever found and then there was the storm of Mw2 and now the hype of cod BO. So what happened? Did everyone just give up or did Crop Circles or Mikey Saints ever found out?
  2. ^^^ wtf triple post L2... Mw2 is bad for long time decent players, good for new/younger players who dont mind sitting still for ages to do well. Or playing 3 games being whored out of kills by unfair mechanics to finaly get a 10 shotgun killstreak. its a load of rubish for hardcore gamers (the type of people who go on these forums), and a total sell out of a game.
  3. Actually you should be hating on Sony, Microsoft have paid up to get the exclusive 1 month early, Sony, despite being behind in the console race, have decided that they don't need this kind of exclusive and so haven't bothered. None of it is to do with Treyarch, it's not like they have said, hmm ibble dibble dogs dibble Xbox is best. :x SCE :x I wasn't starting a flame war both consoles are the same w/e. I'm most annoyed with activision and sony Microsoft were just doing there job for more sales. But its easier to call it Xbox than explain myself so derp. Besides, it means that Treyarch have a whole month to fix glitches before us PS3fags start playin And is it more likely that if there is a beta, it will be fore people who have pre ordered? and aprox how long will it be out for
  4. We dont know, imo they would probably introduce a beta for all consoles to test servers/glitches etc. ps: the map packs for the next 2 years made by activision will be out on Xbox 1 month before ps3 so thats a fail for us.
  5. killstreaks altogether ruin the game. Killstreaks should go up to 7, 10 at the max and have the ability to earn the player an extra 3-5 kills max. any more is stupid as it takes no skill to camp then press left or right and receive 10+ kills from some stupid harrier or shit. make lobies with no killstreaks, also make sniper only lobies. do et
  6. they definitely did come on round 4 sometimes in Shi No Numa and i think they have done a few times in Der Riese. I can confirm this
  7. of course there will be corners for noobs to hide and whore the game, thats at least 50% of mw2's target audience
  8. i wouldn't mind to much about all the other things if i could just quick scope someone without getting a hit marker then turning around and spraying me. This game was made for 10-15 years olds on the basis that all cod4 players (15+) would buy it. Massive sales, sh**y game
  9. do a map in a street, or a map on an aeroplane.
  10. yes- a nuke in 30secs, -but wait, there was no skill involved just pure luck or a set up, all he had to do was shoot 6 guys and get harriers from hardli- wait, he used a grenade???? ffs
  11. yeh was the password for the pdf file found?
  12. if only we could figure out how to get to one of those screens... maybe since they are trying there hardest to draw our attention to the screen; moving the wire, making it bigger, we could access it by doing something outside the screen like type a code on the keyboard or something that doesn't involve the video.
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