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  1. Yeah, that was basicly what I was trying to say. Thanks for smoothing it out.
  2. Honestly, they're 50/50 for me. MONKEYS: Cons: Small and hard to shoot. Hard to keep more than one perk one solo. Pros : Small amount of health. Easy to kill. They aren't that annoying until you buy more than on perk. GEORGE ROMERO: Cons: A LOT of health. Gets in the way. Bad for camping. Pros : Slow(unless angered). Easy to keep away and avoid. Doesn't have any abilites other than to sprint fast, cause zombies to run, and electrocutes zombies.(Pretty much). I'd say BOTH are pretty bad in their own special way. Hell hounds are by far my favorite enemy. They are
  3. Hmm, I have gotten the Ray gun RIGHT AFTER receiving the scavenger once. My cousin was like, 'ozmigod u have 2 keep both of tem!'. Of course, I didn't really want a combo of two wonder weapons due to low ammo so I traded the scavenger out for the HK21. No one ever got the scvenger again, despite getting to over level 20.(Finally, I had a strategy that worked). We kept trying. Perhaps once you get a wonder weapon like the scavenger and trade it in, it decreases the chance of getting it again drastically? Just a thought.
  4. they should have died from braiin damage unless they hav no brains Have you ever played Ascension? During a monkey round, spacecraft-things crash. These 'things'(whatever they are) release multiple monkeys which later on go and attack bought perk machines and people. I can only imagine that they came not from land, but from somewhere in space. But, who knows. THUS, how would they be able to survive the crash that brought them into the map? This is all in my opinion. Overview: They are already surviving the crashes that bring them into the map. They were already zombies before they c
  5. A reply to what was said above. They are EXTREMELY rare. So rare, I almost crapped myself. It was on PS3 AND Black Ops. I probably won't find another modder again on there(thank god). He probably ended up getting reported. But, who knows. Unfortunately, there are going to be modders. It's pretty much EMBEDDED in World at War and Modern Warfare. I hope it doesn't happen to Black Ops too.
  6. This goes for what I said above. Comparing the Der Riese LS with the KDT LS. If this needs to move to a separate thread, just let me know without screaming your head off. This is nothing really important, just something I guess Vallkure wanted to know. So, I decided to look at it for myself at first, and then let all of you guys take a look. DR loading s. similar to the background of KDT loading s. ? It's up for you to decide. I'm not about to state my opinion. You must also realize that the lighting is going to be different on the 'map', due to the fact, that if
  7. That's what I thought at first, too. But, IMO, It doesn't exactly match up. You'd have to confirm it by placing the Der Riese loading screen above/below it to help you match it. I guess, to me, it just doesn't match up right. Of course, you can always just check to make sure.
  8. Yeah, there are hackers/modders/glitchers on just about all of the consoles. I ran into a modder on black ops in a zombie lobby on my PS3 not to long ago. I quit. Didn't want to deal with that bull. Sometimes, on my PC version of WaW, I'll do that 'cheat' thing while playing solo and turn on some mods. Only on solo though, and sometimes on split-screen. Anywhere else, and I refuse to use them.
  9. Turn the corner, there is a person, you shoot, he doesn't die, BOOM UR DEAD. Is that not the case of WaW multiplayer? I was playing asylum on Xbox at my friends house. While turning the corner, I saw an enemy backed up in the corner. I was like, OK, I am going to kill him. I shot him a bit with my PPSh-41,in the chest. After wasting over 20 bullets, I knew that there was something wrong. The guy immediately starting chasing me, and after a bit, starting to GLIDE quite fast towards me, and then I was like a piece of charcoal thanks to his flame thrower. I reported him
  10. DEFINE: Shrine noun /SHrīn/  shrines, plural 1. A place regarded as holy because of its associations with a divinity or a sacred person or relic, typically marked by a building or other construction 2. A place associated with or containing memorabilia of a particular revered person or thing - her grave has become a shrine for fans from all over the world 3. A casket containing sacred relics; a reliquary***Isn't the shrine the 'alter' that you can find the focusing stone floating above? Or may be it's separate. But, they must be connected, even if they weren't
  11. So, of you do spawn with the golden rod, what is it like? Is it just a visual feature, or, does it provide physical features?
  12. I hate Takeo....but in a good way. Nazi Zombies wouldn't be Nazi Zombies without him....as long as he doesn't attempt to give payback to Richtofen for what he did. Then Takeo would die...and it wouldn't be my fault, of course. Of course, I would always be willing to replace him with Sarah Michelle Gellar In order: Favorite Characters. ONE: Nikolai(Who doesn't like drunken humor?) TWO: Richtofen(Seriously, you HAVE to like him. He helped create the zombies that you kill during GP.) THREE: Dempsey(Eh, he gets irritating with his stupid freaksack and bada** quotes.) FOUR: T
  13. Round 29 solo, and I'm sure I was only lucky. I have also got to round 16 with 3 people. How'd I get to round 16? My uncle was playing and he stinks at it, so, he rage quits even though he's older than me. So, then I was stuck with a bunch of 25 year olds that are newbs at zombies, but, of course, brag themselves up. I had to babysit them for over 3 rounds because they kept getting down. My usuall rounds are between 15-30. Not great, more like average.
  14. Sounds good. I might try it, as it sounds less-risky than going in circles and running the risk of making the noobish mistake of getting caught on a chair. I don't know how it happened, don't ask. It ALWAYS happens in front of my friends.
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