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  1. Rumors are swimming around the internet of a potential release of huge DLC content drop for Rockstars hit game Grand Theft Auto 5. Months ago voice actor for Franklin (Shawn Fonteno) stated in an interview that they were wrapping up a HUGE expansion. It seems that the story line will continue with our 3 original characters. Rumors also has stated that we might see a map expansion for the already large layout. The Biggest rumor of all is that Microsoft is working out a deal with Rockstar to bring DLC 1 month early to its Xbox One and 360 consoles. This is not new for Microsoft to do, they have done with several games in the past beating out its competitor Sony. Also DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV had an exclusive deal with Microsoft to bring the platform its content early. With The Lost And Damned coming a full 13 months early to Xbox 360, and The Ballad Of Gay Tony a full 6 months ahead of its Sony competitor. We will see in the coming months if these rumors are true. The announcement is rumored to be announced at this year’s E3 2015. What’s to come next for GTA Online? I assume Rockstar Has big plans to expand GTA Online. With the big delay in heists, I think Rockstar will surprise us with the next big content. What do you think about the upcoming expansion on the biggest game of the franchise? Leave your comments below.
  2. Let me be the first to say, I’m all for #pcmasterrace. I believe the PC is superior to consoles, in every way. But I do still own, and use consoles. Because I believe in playing console and PC exclusives. But at the end of the day I still would like every game released on every platform. Now let’s get into the drama Valve has started this week. Valve & Bethesda have decided to start charging for mods for its popular game Skyrim. Steam has always been known for its great marketplace. Always running deals and giving our wallets a fighting for. Every year they take advantage of us during the holiday, summer, spring, fall sales. We can never get enough, even if we don’t need the games, the prices beg to differ. Skyrim has always been a huge game on the marketplace. With close to 80,000 peak players Skyrim has always been a go to title for most adventure lovers. Modding has always been huge in this game. Modders have made the game, larger, more beautiful, and more fun. But know, to use the mods we all know & love we have to pay the price. And that’s just not right. One of the hardest blows to take is that Valve takes 75% of the cut from the mods creator. If I made a very popular mod and decided to charge for my work and valve who did nothing but sell the game takes 75% I would be furious. I’m sure Bethesda takes a substantial cut of that as well being that it is their game. But still if I did all the effort of creating the mod I should be a split between me and the original creator of the game Bethesda. With valve getting a small hosting cut. The PC gaming community has always been known as open. The community was growing quickly. Every day people were selling consoles to buy or build a computer of their own. To play these games and mod these games. But people get worried when they see that modding is now being charged for. It could scare lots of people away. The fact that GabeN (Gabe Newell Founder of Valve/Steam) would do this is a shock to me. From always being known as a community guy, always running sales and giving the people what they want (except Half Life 3) he’s been a great impact of the PC community. We shall see if this continues and expands into more games in the coming weeks. But for the sake of the community I hope they end this now. If you would like to help fight against this change, sign the petition! https://www.change.org/p/valve-remove-the-paid-content-of-the-steam-workshop Let me know what you think about this situation in the comments below.
  3. Mad Max is an upcoming post-apocalyptic game set in an open world environment and based on the Mad Max film series. It is being developed by Avalanche Studios (Same creators of Just Cause). As a big fan of the original films release was back in 1979, 81, 85 and a reboot coming in May 2015. I was excited to see a release of a game based on one of my favorite movie series as a child. From what we have seen the game looks to follow most guidelines set by the movies. It’s a barren desert, seems like an Australia set world. Just like the movie. Upon release of the first trailer we learned the main character has an American accent. Many people were out raged, the movies main character (Mel Gibson) had an Australian accent. Avalanche quickly responded and said they will redo the voice animations of the main character. A very critical part of the story line. The games plot is Max’s journey in retrieving his beloved vehicle “The Interceptor” Which is his sidekick for the movie. Not much more in known of the game, they have done a good job of keeping the story line hidden for us which is a good thing. The game will be single player only, which for me is a tough decision. The ability to go around in gangs online would have been an awesome addition to the game. Sadly we won’t see that, I hope the base single player game lives up to the movie series. Full of action, violence and drama. Vehicle customizing seems to be a big part of the game. In the movies each character has their own unique vehicle. Each having their on armor, weapons, looks. I’m exciting to see the custom vehicles we will be able to come up with. I expect loads on armor upgrades, weapons such as flame throwers, spikes, and guns. All of these will influence how we battle enemies on the post-apocalyptic setting of the game. Also weapons crafting will be implemented in the game. Get ready to get your hand on the game 9/1/2015. See you in the wasteland. Let me know what you’re excited for in this upcoming release. Leave your comments below.
  4. Let’s talk about the upcoming highly anticipated Just Cause 3 release. The Just Cause franchise blew up in popularity upon the release of Just Cause 2. I myself was addicted to playing countless hours on the timed beta that was released shortly before its launch date. It led me to purchasing the game and enjoying countless hours zipping around with my grapple. Attaching poor pedestrians to cars and tearing them through the city. The story line for Just Cause 2 was so-so, it was lots of repetitive go here, blow this up, you win! Which is great, but doing the same thing over and over gets to me. Once I completed the game I became interested in the original. I picked it up and started to enjoy the same game with downgraded, out of date graphics. I can’t touch on Just Cause too much as I did not get to into it because of my initial dip into the 2nd game of the franchise. Moving on, Just Cause 2 was missing something BIG to take the game to the next level. Multiplayer. I always would play this game in a party full of my friends. We would each describe the crazy things going on in our games. The game was missing a key ingredient to today’s games. Multiplayer is the way games nowadays last. The fact that this is an open world free roam would keep the servers populated. Look at the success of GTA IV the servers were very populated until the release of GTA V. The ability to do what you wish, and still have several online modes to compete against one another keeps a game like this alive. It was in great shock when a couple of PC modders showed off some videos of them playing together online! The hype for the game came back alive, I remember reinstalling it and getting my feet wet with the controls. I knew release of a multiplayer mod was soon. Only to be gratefully disappointed, the project was rumored to be canceled. Time passed and it eventually released. I spent hours and hours in highly populated servers causing mayhem all over the land. I have since moved on from Just Cause. I was ready for a new land. A new map to explore, a new adventure. Just Cause 3 was officially announced November 2014. Fans of the series were very excited to see that one of the greatest open world games would be returning for another installment to their hit franchise. Just Cause 3, from what has been released, looks along the lines of its 2nd release. Tropical set environment, which I’m sure expands thru the lands of other terrain. Avalanche studios has officially announced that no multiplayer will be included in the game. A hard blow to us fans, but I’m sure with time the modding community will bring this to light. I’m excited to see what is to come with this release. Release is set for Q4 of 2015. Soon we will have our first game play trailer of the new installment. That is set to drop 4/28/2015. One last note, Just Cause 2 was full of small DLC packs for extra guns, vehicles, skins. Just Cause 3 has been confirmed to be a full game, micro transaction free. How do you feel about the upcoming release? Leave your comments below.
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