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  1. Day of the Epsilon A Map Concept by The Meh Weaponry provided by: The Meh/Nightmare Voyager Characters, Story, Map Layout: The Meh Creative Directors: Nightmare Voyager/HitmanVere Musical Assistance/Moral Support: Nightmare Voyager, “The Berry Master”, anonymous, Carnage Evoker, Lenne TIME TAKEN TO CREATE: February 13th, 2017 to April 2nd, 2021 Opening Cutscene: Silence. Phase in as images of the past present to you, frame by frame. Machina… Sands… Wings… Pillar… Prospect. The Entity siphon
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  2. Don't have them anymore, this topic was all the way back in 2013/2014. Sorry Actually, disregard, I do have them on my OneDrive. I'll edit this post with the new link in a bit. Edit 2: 1st post has been updated with working link. At least partially.
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