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    Have your Mountain Dew 2XP promotion America, Here in Australia we get ~ http://blackhops.com.au/black-hops-iii/
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    Since some people have found my Facebook and started sharing pics of me (even had chance to see someone using it as his profile pic in UGX) I guess I could put one fresh pic here. Sorry for blurriness, in phone it looks fine: Just a normal 19-year old Finnish user, right? Haha
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    @Kill_All_MonkeysLOL! Bro, just no. LOL! But yeah. Bring it. 36 hours!
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    UPDATE!!!! So I am expecting my Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Jugger-Nog Fridge Edition to arrive tomorrow & I have been thinking for the last few days that I have to put a Perk Machine on the front of my fridge to go with my Jugger-Nog Fridge. I rendered the Double-Tap II Root Beer Perk Machine from Black Ops II. Size is 3025x1800 Pixels (80cm x 46cm) printed it out on A4 paper & stuck it together. My printer ran out of ink on the last segment (the part that says double which it fitting because there is only 1 tap) I'm going to get a sign writer to either print it out as a decal/sticker or I might make it magnetic so that I can remove it & also make all the other Perk-a-Cola Machines!!! So here is a test run I did to make sure that the size is correct & it looked ok.
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    It convinced me to not bother buying a console that's for sure. I will not be playing BO3 like I played the previous games. I don't have the same time or desire to play so hardcore. I'll miss playing with my bulldog mates but I'll get over it. In 2 years time they will all get it on PC anyway once there are no more DLCs and there are some great new modded maps out there. If I want to speak to them in the meantime, that's what teamspeak is for.
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    No because I don't see any truly amazing custom maps being made for BO3 until well after release, probably not even until near when the next cod is coming out if even that. At that point I could probably find a pretty good deal for the game on Steam and enjoy custom zombies after I've had my fun in the sun with the main game on PS4.
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    Paint it and make it look like Double Tap, now you can double tap when you need to
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    And what about your CoDz buddies who don't drink beer aka Lenne? D: Good job, @PINNAZ not gonna lie "little Nikolai" made me laugh. haha

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