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  1. Trailer for "The darkest shore"

    I'm hoping they continue the easter eggs like in Final Reich, so that there's the casual easter egg and hardcore easter egg. For me the casual easter egg was more fun to solve than the usual EE quest we have in Treyarch zombies. Mainly because I could complete without a guide. But that doesn't mean it would have been super easy to figure out though. Then there's the hardcore easter egg for players who seek more challenge. I also hope they will use different kinds of special zombies throughout the season in general, to make every map feel more unique. And add unlockable small survival maps like Groesten Haus in every dlc pack, though that might be unlikely.
  2. Trailer for "The darkest shore"

    I can't wait! Looks awesome and creepy :D
  3. Aim Assist

    I've noticed it sometimes turn my camera when I don't want to, but not really that often that I thought it's causing me to fail or it would have been annoying.
  4. Aim Assist

    I've always played with aim assist on, idk never really thought to put it off tbh.
  5. Thoughts about Groesten Haus

    So thought it would be fun to get some discussion going on here. I'm pretty interested to hear others thoughts about the map so if you have played the map I'd appreciate if you share your thoughts :D Personally, I like this map. It's very small and close quarters, which makes it difficult as well. I got to round 26 with my brother and it starts to get chaotic, and difficult. I know some people won't like that, but for me that's what zombies is about. The game getting more difficult every round, until you can't go further. Then you try again. I like how you can upgrade the mystery box too. Random blitz machine is nice too, maybe I'd prefer to choose what blitz I buy, but in a such small map it would get pretty overcrowded if they had all the machines there so it's understandable. There's not a lot of options with the wall buys, so you're basically forced to go with the box, and after upgrading it it's more efficient anyways. That too reminds me of the old zombies mode, it keeps the game interesting. Is this the best map of all time though? Not really, but I'd like to see small maps like this more in the dlc packs.
  6. The Final Reich reactions thread

    Okay so now that I have properly got to play the map few times I think I'm going to tell my thoughts about. Note that these are still very first impressions of the map and how some features and such do in the long run idk yet. And I still probably have a lot of features I haven't discovered. The setting By far my favorite setting from all zombies maps, the visuals are great and the map looks like what a zombies map should in my opinion. I really hope they go with this "horror" theme through the whole WW2 season. Zombies So far I like the different zombie types a lot more than I liked in BO3. None are too difficult to deal with, but also aren't easy. The point dropping zombie is great XD Weapons Weapons feel well balanced, some weapons are better some are worse like it should go. And maybe I just haven't found it yet but you can't double pack-a-punch, and I think it's great! I'll actually have to keep an eye on my ammo and eventually start running out of firepower too. Loadouts This is actually something I like more than I thought I would. Changing the starting gear and abilities does affect how you play the game a bit. But it doesn't make things too easy, or at least not so far. None of the abilities seem too overpowered and you can't just pick from any weapon but a small selection of weaker weapons. Just hoping they won't add anything that will ruin this in dlc or updates. Consumables This is basically the gobblegums of this game. And from the ones I've seen none of them is overpowered and game breaking. But I still haven't unlocked all of them so there's that. Also hoping they won't add anything too overpowered in updates or dlc. Idk why people don't give this game a chance, I'm finding The Final Reich more enjoyable than any of the BO3 maps. I've seen Youtubers still make pointless videos about BO3... when what seems to going to be an amazing zombie season in WW2 is on going. The lack of discussion is actually pretty sad. Are people too stubborn to accept that others than Treyarch can bring out a good zombies map? Or does no one really play this? Idk just seems odd...
  7. Zombies confessions

    Yeah, even though I enjoyed few of the BO3 maps I really don't want to play any of them atm. Especially Revelations was a huge disappointment as the final map of the season. I'm hoping WW2 zombies will get me back playing once I get it. So far I've played one game of The Final Reich and Groesten House and the first impression was pretty good, better than what I had back when BO3 started. But we'll see how the season goes etc...
  8. Zombies confessions

    Same, or like... I don't like to use them, but I like them to be in the mystery box. It makes the game a bit more fun in my opinion :P
  9. Zombies confessions

    Same as the others have said, haven't really completed many. 1 from BO1 and 2 from BO3. For me zombies is about surviving as ong as possible anyways. I have attempted almost every easter egg at least once but usually can't be bothered to try until I finish them :P
  10. No paralyser in buried

    Back when box wasn't so generous XD one of the things I like in BO1 and BO2 <3
  11. So who is getting WWII on release?

    I wish I could! I really do... but the thing is that it's a bit pricy for my current situation and I also have a ton of studying to do (and buying WWII would definitely not help with that). So I'm gonna get it on my christmast break when I also have time to play. But for all of those who will get it on release I hope you enjoy the game! :3 I'll be joining you guys in less than 2 months XD
  12. I've been playing WWII Zombies... (AMA) (Potential Spoilers)

    I'm starting to get hyped as well, though I might not be able to buy it before my christmas break. Or maybe I could ask it as a christmas present #poorstudent
  13. I've been playing WWII Zombies... (AMA) (Potential Spoilers)

    Well I have a lot of things I'd like to know XD but I don't want to ask too many questions as in few days the game will be released. But here's something: Is there a similar system as gobblegums or fate & fortune cards? Is there some kind of ranking system? Can you customize weapons like in BO3? Edit: also I haven't really looked up any earlier leaks so I apologize if my questions are dumb XD
  14. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Let's hope so, though even if they do read these threads we're just few users bringing our opinions here. Of course even 1 persons opinion can change things if it makes them think.
  15. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Sorry for the double post but I just thought of more things to add Weapon kits This was kind of an interesting idea and also encouraged to play with different weapons to level them up and unlocking attachments to them. Only thing I'd like changed is that they'd add them for all the map specific weapons too in the next title. And maybe remove fast mags since it's basically Speed Cola :I Also more unlockable camos would be nice for different kinds of challenges perhaps. Perks Just like have a wider variety, tweak old perks a bit or make some gobblegum ideas into new ones. This is something pretty much everyone wanted in BO3 as well but we didn't get.