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  1. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Yeah I agree with this, part of the reason why all wonder weapons are so OP nowadays is the double pack-a-punch. And I know BO2 already had few wonder weapons that were too OP and it's just as problematic. It's just that with the current double pack-a-punch if the wonder weapon isn't something incredible, it's useless.
  2. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    This is something that I have thought about lately actually and there are few things I definitely expect/want from the future title for it to be worth buying for me. 1. Double Pack-a-punch I want to have a double pack-a-punch in the next title but it should be done better. First of all, don't make it infinite damage, it ruins BO3 so much, in the start of the game that was more overpowered than any gobblegums we had. I think the best way to do it is to have increased price compared to normal pap and it would make the weapon stronger and maybe add an attachement (like grenade launcher, flamethrower etc...). In my opinion that would help those high rounds while not making every weapon a wonder weapon. 2. Gobblegums In the beginning of BO3 the gobblegums were alright, there weren't any super overpowered ones, though some were a bit too powerful maybe. I don't mind the general idea of gobblegums as a temporary effects that help you a little bit, it's pretty much how they just broke the game and the micro transaction part of it. 3. Weapons This is something that isn't the biggest deal but still something worth thinking of. In BO3 the wall buys are really really good, and the box doesn't really have much to offer when combined with double pack-a-punch. I'd like to see similar system like we had in BO1 where the wall weapons weren't useless, but the further you went, the weapons inside the box were a better choice. And I also want the box to have the worst guns too. Because it's supposed to be a gamble. 4. Wonder weapons I'd like to see more of a return of the wonder weapons in the box rather than having to build them, it's alright in some maps but it's just... I know I'm gonna get the wonder weapon every time if it's a quest I have to do for it. And it gets tedious after you've done it enough. 5. Maps I'd actually like to see a new kinda system on how the map packs work. I think they could release 2 maps per map pack, other one is bigger, more complex and easter egg focused while the other one would be more simple survival type of map. 6. Game modes Now this is something I actually saw on a Thesmithplays video. He had this idea of including challenges to zombies like no jugg, wall buys only etc... and leaderboards for those. I think this would increase the re-playability of the game a lot. Other thing regarding game modes would be return of grief but maybe try to improve it somehow, I haven't really thought about it more yet but that could be a fun game mode.
  3. I could really use some tips for soloing the ee

    I'm not really a solo zombies player but I have completed some easter eggs with a team so I can give some general tips that might help. 1. Know what you're doing This one is pretty much explains itself, it helps a lot if you know how to do the steps and in which order etc... 2. Plan your game Not just the easter egg steps but also things like what perks your gonna get and when, should you play it safe and buy a wall weapon or hit the box etc... 3. Be ready too change the plan Because sometimes there might be variables in zombies
  4. WWII Zombies Trailer and Info!

    Well it could mean that some rounds there are less zombies that are more difficult, since we're having different types of zombies (or at least seems like it, haven't been following what's going on too much).
  5. WWII Zombies Trailer and Info!

    Here we go again I think... I was so determined that after BO3 zombies I'm done with this franchise but but... WW2 trailer got me all hyped up again. Not gonna pre-order or anything though, just gonna wait and see how's it gonna be like. I really like the more horror themed approach they have at least in the trailer. I really hope they don't go the Treyarch way and make the game too easy with Gobblegums and double pack-a-punch kind of things. The reason why I liked zombies in the first place was the build up and the actual tense feeling when the rounds got up and weapons started to be useless and ammo was going low. Really hoping they go for something like that.
  6. Quiters

    Yeah quitters are annoying but I've kinda accepted that if I play public match people are gonna quit midway, especially if the game takes longer. I agree with the divinium thing, it's just so time consuming to get the gobblegums that people don't actually want to use them. Personally I don't want to spend money on gobblegums since it's so expensive for a small amount of random gobblegums. The divinium cap per match is probably the stupidest idea ever :P
  7. Why is Kino SO EASY???

    Well the overall experience is way different from BO1 so I play slightly differently too than I used to play. I tend to rely more on wall buys rather than going for the box, especially if there's no wonder weapon in the box. There's gobblegums, but lately I've only been using the classical gobblegums rather than overpowered Mega set-up. Good luck with your round 100 attempt :)
  8. Why is Kino SO EASY???

    I got on SC Kino Der Toten way higher round than my BO1 with ease. Thunder gun, double pack-a-punched ICR and alchemical gobblegum. No need to worry about ammo at all, or running out of firepower. Combine with easy training spot and there isn't much of a challenge.
  9. new gobblegum idea (all weapons drop from box)

    Do you mean like a gobblegum that lets you pick any weapon you want? I don't like the idea at all. Of course that would be useful af towards Easter Eggs to get that certain equipment item etc... but kinda ruins all the fun.
  10. Has zombies went too far?

    Ehhh some maps do it better and some maps worse. What has bothered me the most is that they took off the difficulty. Or changed it. For example the reason why I fail in Der Eisendrache most of the times is the panzer. I don't have to worry about running out of ammo or firepower with normal zombies, I just need to keep myself focused so I don't make a stupid mistake.
  11. Die Rise vs Nuketown

    Well I think it also depends on if you're a new player or have some experience already. Nuketown is simple and I'd say is a better map for a new player. And I just dislike Die Rise a bit tbh. Either one of those aren't my favorites. From BO2, maps like Mob Of The Dead and Origins are my favorites but also happen to be more complex.
  12. Gobblegums

    Sorry for the double post but I come up with an idea. Gobblegums used to cost 500 points, now 0 points. That's the first gobblegum of each round and the price goes up after that. My idea is that the gobblegum price would be determined by which gobblegums you choose. For example: Classical gobblegums would add 100 points, so a set with only classic gobblegums would make the price 500. Mega-gobblegums would be higher price, common 200, rare 500 and ultra-rare 1000. It would balance the game a bit in my opinion. You wouldn't be able to have 5 ultra-rares and hit the machine basically for free to get something that's super useful.
  13. Top 5 Favorite Maps

    Tough question... 1. Gorod Krovi 2. Mob Of The Dead 3. Kino Der Toten 4. Verrüct 5. Der Riese
  14. Gobblegums

    I think gobblegums were almost a good game mechanic. I tend to use the classic ones more (since you have limited megas and I want to savethose for easter eggs). The problem I've had since the beginning is that you're limited with megas (but you can still buy liquid divinium to get more, micro transactions ugh). The other problem is how uneven the gobblegums actually are. Some are ridiculously overpowered, some are so useless I have never used them. I think gobblegums wouldn't be a bad game mechanic at all if they would have focused on those medium tier gobblegums that are not game breaking, but still helps a little.
  15. The bs that still exists in all these amazing maps

    Eh... One game I played I teleported back to Moon from the no mans land and I had just bought Speed Cola and I spawned right into the gentle hug of the astronaut. There was really nothing I could do about it.