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  1. Yeah quitters are annoying but I've kinda accepted that if I play public match people are gonna quit midway, especially if the game takes longer. I agree with the divinium thing, it's just so time consuming to get the gobblegums that people don't actually want to use them. Personally I don't want to spend money on gobblegums since it's so expensive for a small amount of random gobblegums. The divinium cap per match is probably the stupidest idea ever :P
  2. Well the overall experience is way different from BO1 so I play slightly differently too than I used to play. I tend to rely more on wall buys rather than going for the box, especially if there's no wonder weapon in the box. There's gobblegums, but lately I've only been using the classical gobblegums rather than overpowered Mega set-up. Good luck with your round 100 attempt :)
  3. I got on SC Kino Der Toten way higher round than my BO1 with ease. Thunder gun, double pack-a-punched ICR and alchemical gobblegum. No need to worry about ammo at all, or running out of firepower. Combine with easy training spot and there isn't much of a challenge.
  4. Do you mean like a gobblegum that lets you pick any weapon you want? I don't like the idea at all. Of course that would be useful af towards Easter Eggs to get that certain equipment item etc... but kinda ruins all the fun.
  5. Ehhh some maps do it better and some maps worse. What has bothered me the most is that they took off the difficulty. Or changed it. For example the reason why I fail in Der Eisendrache most of the times is the panzer. I don't have to worry about running out of ammo or firepower with normal zombies, I just need to keep myself focused so I don't make a stupid mistake.
  6. Well I think it also depends on if you're a new player or have some experience already. Nuketown is simple and I'd say is a better map for a new player. And I just dislike Die Rise a bit tbh. Either one of those aren't my favorites. From BO2, maps like Mob Of The Dead and Origins are my favorites but also happen to be more complex.
  7. Sorry for the double post but I come up with an idea. Gobblegums used to cost 500 points, now 0 points. That's the first gobblegum of each round and the price goes up after that. My idea is that the gobblegum price would be determined by which gobblegums you choose. For example: Classical gobblegums would add 100 points, so a set with only classic gobblegums would make the price 500. Mega-gobblegums would be higher price, common 200, rare 500 and ultra-rare 1000. It would balance the game a bit in my opinion. You wouldn't be able to have 5 ultra-rares and hit the machine basically for free to get something that's super useful.
  8. Tough question... 1. Gorod Krovi 2. Mob Of The Dead 3. Kino Der Toten 4. Verrüct 5. Der Riese
  9. I think gobblegums were almost a good game mechanic. I tend to use the classic ones more (since you have limited megas and I want to savethose for easter eggs). The problem I've had since the beginning is that you're limited with megas (but you can still buy liquid divinium to get more, micro transactions ugh). The other problem is how uneven the gobblegums actually are. Some are ridiculously overpowered, some are so useless I have never used them. I think gobblegums wouldn't be a bad game mechanic at all if they would have focused on those medium tier gobblegums that are not game breaking, but still helps a little.
  10. Eh... One game I played I teleported back to Moon from the no mans land and I had just bought Speed Cola and I spawned right into the gentle hug of the astronaut. There was really nothing I could do about it.
  11. Mustang & Sally was awesome back in BO1... but I guess that was a different time. Pistols that shoot grenades? That was cool af, they were powerful and the addition of PhD made it a great weapon. Now I'm really not excited at all. Without PhD any explosive is always a risk. Also I think the difference between Mustang & Sally vs Death & Taxes is quite small, so in that sense it's not like it's a game changing feature that's added.
  12. True, they are popular features but could have been done better. The main thing bothering me is how they are a bit overpowered features and take away from other previous features. Like wonder weapons now have to be really really good so there's any point in using them, Ray gun is basically useless compared to every wall weapon there is, random box is also useless in maps where you don't have the wonder weapon in the box... Of course there's always the "well you don't have to use double pack-a-punch or gobblegums"
  13. Okay so the title is quite self explanatory. What would you like to see in the next Treyarch title if zombies mode returns? What things you would add, take away or change from BO3 zombies? Would you like to have the original crew or do you think there should be new characters introduced to the story? I'll start off with the things that bothers me the most in BO3, Gobblegums. I'd take them off completely. Or change it so they wouldn't be overpowered. No Mega-gobblegum sorta thing, unlimited everything, just no more gobblegums that are like Perkaholic etc... Of course then gobblegums kinda lose their power. If they return, I'd like to see more of those whimsical gobblegums that makes the game funny without really affecting the difficulty. Double pack-a-punch I definitely want to return, but I'd like to change it a lot. Right now it's kinda making every wall weapon a wonder weapon and ruining the random box (yes, now in chronicles zombie maps + Gorod Krovi and Revelations the actual wonder weapons are in the box so it is still useful). But what I wanted the double pack-a-puch to be is more base damage and maybe more ammo, for a greater cost (for example 25000 points). Not in a way that it's overpowered, but that it helps to keep the weapons still effective, but if you're careless you're gonna run out of ammo. I'm on the edge with all the extra stuff we have in the maps nowadays. I don't mind any extra quests, things to unlock, easter eggs etc... They are fun to do. But not every time! Some maps in BO3 managed to do this better than others. Gorod Krovi is amazing, ZNS is the opposite. I know things are not going back to WAW or BO1 simple maps, and I think it's a good thing. I just think all the quest kinda stuff should be on the side and you could pick up any map easily. Now it takes a lot of learning for a single map. And today I played SOE for the first time in like 6 months or something and I was just lost on where things were etc. I like the original crew so much that it almost hurts to say that I'd like the next game to focus on a different group. Maybe give the old crew one map just for the sake of nostalgia, but I don't know how they would make the old crew go on a mission again so it would fit in the existing storyline. I hope they can though, but I don't mind fresh characters either. And I kinda want the level up system, prestiges etc return as well. I just wish that every weapon has the ability for modifications then, otherwise the system has been pretty functional. Anyways let's hear others opinions as well and get some discussion :)
  14. Old topic but might as well reply because I somewhat agree with you. I think all the "quest" stuff etc should be optional and you'd still be able to pack-a-punch and buy perks etc... Of course how to activate pack-a-punch in different ways in different maps is fun and should stay that way, but it's always been rather simple before. In maps like SOE, ZNS and Revelations it takes a lot of time to unlock the pap and that's an annoyance. I think the only map that succeeded in creating a lot of stuff to do, but still keeping most of it completely optional is Gorod Krovi. Yes you have to get the groph modules to get to pack-a-punch, but that's not a whole lot different from running around activating teleporters in Der Riese. And to your question to boss zombies and do we need them? The answer is yes. Because other game mechanics has made the game mode rather easy, so they have to spice things up with something that's not instantly destroyed by you dead wire or other double pack-a-punch effects. Also the addition of overpowered gobblegums makes the need to compensate for all of the things that make the game easier than it was in earlier COD games.
  15. Well I've played 2 maps so far: Ascension and Nacht Der Untoten. So I thought to give quick thoughts on them. (Note I didn't really use gobblegums on either run, I bought Anywhere But here in Ascension once but that's it) Ascension: Well this was my first run of zombies in months so I was a bit rusty, played with a friend and we reached round 20 I think. Hard to say how exactly double pack-a-punch is going to affect the game, cause we failed a bit too early. But basically unlimited ammo for training if you use a wall weapon with dpap and use alchemical gobblegum :/ otherwise the map was great and looked awesome and it really gave BO1 feels, just that some of the BO3 features should be taken off in these more simple maps in my opinion. Nacht Der Untoten: Gobblegums will make this map a lot easier since you will be able to get upgraded weapons, but without gobblegums even with the adde wunderfizz the map feel intense and is not easy. Ray Gun Mark 2 made things "easy" I reached round 20 which I think is my highest in Nacht tbh (lol). Nacht has never been one of my favorite maps, but this time it was pretty fun. The map really benefits from the Wunderfizz. Der Riese was added to the game on the release as "The Giant" map

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