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  1. I absolutely love how you worked in the radios by the way!!
  2. I'm wondering in the prologue, the perspective seems to switch between third person and Raines' perspective?
  3. This is amazing! Hats off to you for taking on such an enormous project, I'll be sure to read it!
  4. I really hope they'll be selling PDF's as well, because ordering something physical from America is expensive as hell.
  5. Holy crap, this is amazing! Hopefully we'll be able to buy them as PDF, but man I'm super exited!
  6. I usually go for revive first and try to find Jug as fast as I can, but this map has me walking in circles most of the time so it's hard for me to find things.
  7. I noticed later on that they change places, yeah I simply hadn't gotten any other perks yet on the map so I didn't notice until Revive had changed places.
  8. Aaaah thanks for the info! I've played Tranzit years ago and don't remember much of it. And I heartily agree on ZnS being annoying. As for Jug, what bullshit that it's in the bunker and not in a better, more reachable place. I play solo 99% of the time (by lack of a crew) and from the 6 times or something I've played ZnS I've gotten the bunker opened once. It's got next to no replay value for me, the map is just so gigantic and there's paths everywhere. It's just not built for solo, which is a shame.
  9. There's a way to permanently turn on the power right?
  10. I got so many mixed feelings about ZnS tbh

  11. I'm a month late (because I play on PC), but I agree. I expected it to be a lot scarier, even the spiders were far less scary than what I expected. Not to mention the cheap "scare" when you open the bunker. And as was mentioned, after dying I just don't play it right away again because that would mean running across the map (mostly in circles because everything is so damn confusing) trying to get the power up and running, you have to plant seeds and water them, and the whole map in general just takes a lot more effort. It's more a gigantic chore than anything else.
  12. Hello, welcome to the site! And nice to see a fellow game design student here (I do mine in Groningen, Netherlands)! I hope you'll have a lot of fun here!
  13. @Tac Maybe via Google Drive or Onedrive then? Because you can get a shareable link, and people won't be able to download it, only to view it(although they can select and thus copy parts of it). I can also upload PDF files to Puush, but then people can still download it if they want to. It's also possible to convert them to PNG's, but that gives you one PNG per page, and the documents are very large, I think they'll end up in around 40 pages per map. So I guess that if we're going to do that that we'll just have to make one giant PNG collage so to speak, and upload that. But I think the PNG file would get really, really big. Those are pretty much all the things I can think of. Edit: I mean one collage PNG per character
  14. @Tac I uploaded the word document to puush, and the link to it lets you download it. Maybe that's a solution for the post?
  15. I personally love to know what the other characters say and to read through them, miscellaneous quotes or not. Maybe you can put them underneath the story quotes, but in another spoiler. This because they take up a lot of space, seeing as the miscellaneous quotes all run about 9 pages long. At least on The Giant they do, but I figure that isn't much different on other maps. I'll also put them all between quotation marks from now on! I also forgot in the last post, but I also saw some of the quotes you put in are the censored versions, do you have any preference for censored or uncensored?

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