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  1. It would seem the timer on my profile (the one that shows how long I've been online) is broken, unless I really have been online for 68 years :sweat_smile:

    1. Lenne


      Haha same. But time is an illusion anyway, so it could be right.

    2. anonymous


      Seems like we've got a time traveller here

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I'll have a look into it, just noticed this update. 

  2. It's my Birthday!

    @anonymous Whoa, awesome!!! Wel een eind weg van Drenthe, hoor And my god, I never knew. Amazing!
  3. It's my Birthday!

    Happy birthday, welcome to the 20's! Also @anonymous y-you're Dutch too? I never knew! ;7;
  4. Between Heaven and Earth

    @anonymous I'd love to, feel free to shoot me a message or something!
  5. Between Heaven and Earth

    @anonymous I share your interest! And this idea of otherworldy creatures and us sharing an afterlife is amazing food for thought. I really love sci-fi stuff as well, and especially designs in it (I also play Warframe because of this). I'm an absolute sucker for space stuff in general though, with dangerous things like black holes and neutron stars and such being the focus of my interest (^8 I could talk for hours about those, but I'll spare you that I'd also love to go touring through countries, searching for who-knows-what. Or walk through abandoned things like houses or factories or theme parks, I always wonder what makes them abandoned.
  6. Between Heaven and Earth

    Now that just blew my mind. It makes perfect sense, like what if the afterlife isn't just a human thing? What if it goes for all the living creatures that exist in the universe? Speaking of universe, I also believe in the multiverse theory and that multiple timelines exist. Not necessarily that every choice you make ever opens up a new timeline, but if something was done different in your life that could've altered it in extreme ways. As for your question, do you know the situations where you're doing something (with or without music on) and someone kinda sneaks up behind you, or walks in without you noticing? And then suddenly you do notice and you get a bit startled? It was like that. Other times it felt like someone was looking over my shoulder, it's that really specific feeling. I haven't had it anymore for years now though, but it used to scare me lots until I got the wonderful idea to give it a name, Donovan. It really helped making it a bit less scary.
  7. Between Heaven and Earth

    If I may give my vision on this: Of course please note that this is MY opinion and trains of thought, and I don't mean to bash or offend people or get into heavy discussions. I just want to present another viewpoint! I was raised in Protestantism, and later on I started doubting religion and we kinda stopped going to church (also because my parents were in a divorce, my dad still goes to church every sunday but I've always lived with my mother, so yeah). To me religions are just... stories that got passed on and blown out of proportion. People love exaggerating stories, always have. If one person back then could swim, then a few decades later he'd have been walking on water. Get what I mean? I don't mean to bash on religion at all, though. I think it's a good thing for people who need it, as long as they aren't too radical, you feel? I don't believe that any god would want the beings they created to suffer. I do believe angels and demons exist, though. I just don't see them as really religious or from a religious viewpoint, but more as beings that kept everything in some kind of balance. And while I do think that demons are more "bad" and angels are more "good", I don't believe for a second that angels are all that pure and innocent, and that demons are all evil and merciless. I think both of them have good, as well as bad traits. As for ghosts, I'm certain they exist. At times I could swear that there is someone standing behind me to my left, and when I turn around there's nothing there. This has even happened when it would be physically impossible for someone to stand behind me, as they'd be standing in a wall in that case. There has also been once when I was in bed listening to music and suddenly I spotted ?? something out of the corner of my eyes, and it jsut flew over me. After that the volume of my mp3 player started acting really weird, getting louder and softer without me doing anything, and I was terrified. I have also known and been friends with several persons who could see ghosts, and one of them has even been attacked by one and was stabbed in her back. Luckily not anything physical, but according to her it might as well have been because it sure as hell felt like it was an actual knife. So yes, I do most certainly believe in ghosts. On my view of the afterlife or what happens to you when you die, I don't have a single clue. Of course there's the Tunnel theory and all, and I think it does hold some truth. I mean so many people have seen it, been through it. There must be some truth hidden in there. But I'm also skeptical. The human mind is extremely powerful, and can let us see, hear and feel things that are not there. I mean the presence I felt behind me might have been my mind playing tricks on me, I don't know that. But in the end I believe what I'll see my loved ones again who died before me and that we'll all be in another world, in a good world. I also think that when you die, truly die, that you'll get to know everything you ever questioned, from philosophical and existential stuff to "how big is the universe" and "Is my dog gonna be okay". Writing it down like this kinda makes me think again, to be honest. Am I believing in fairy tales? Again, no clue. But if I'd have to make a guess that'd be my guess. But until then, I guess I'll cross the bridge of afterlife and death when I get to it (haha yes sorry terrible pun). I also believe that there are other supernatural creatures out there and/or deities that we don't know about. I don't know what is out there exactly (and I almost don't dare to guess), but especially in our oceans there must be something, we've discovered so little. I also believe there's life outside our solar system and all, but they probably can't travel to us or are so far away that they still see the dinosaurs walking around on our planet. Or they aren't interested, or they're in another space pocket and can't interact with us in any way. I have no idea. But we can't be the only ones.
  8. Why is Kino SO EASY???

    That IS weird. But I'm guessing it's just some weird algorhythm or something?? I actually have no idea how the box works, would be interesting to know.
  9. What is the best Treyarch zombie map? (opinions)

    My personal favorite is Der Eisendrache, and Kino will always have a soft spot in my heart.
  10. Medal Request Topic

    I'd like to request the two year member medal and the Get 150 headshots in a single zombies game medal!
  11. Why is Kino SO EASY???

    And I never even got the Thundergun or Ray gun once in my Kino plays, I hit the box a lot as well ._.
  12. Why is Kino SO EASY???

    I don't really like the BO2 maps either in general, from the maps themselves to the characters in it. I know the story of it, but for the rest of it it kiiiinda falls into oblivion for me. Origins is kinda doable? But it's still really big and I feel like it's kinda chaotic on solo unless you know exactly what you're doing and where you're going. And I can tell you I had neither of those in my head when I played it, except for exploring as far as I could. But then I got confused and turned around and I died Holy shit, and I thought getting Widow's Wine on the second round was overpowered. I wonder if that was just an insane amount of luck or if it really got nerfed that badly ._.
  13. Why is Kino SO EASY???

    I feel exactly the same way about Zetsu and Shadows, they're humongous. Nearly impossible to play nicely on when playing solo, and I noticed I have the same problem with Origins (note that I also haven't played much Origins by the way).
  14. Medal Request Topic

    I'd like to request the one year member medal and the Survive a total of 500 rounds medals: But I also have a question. Where or how can I see how many doors I opened and how many perks I've drunk in total? I couldn't find it anywhere.
  15. Why is Kino SO EASY???

    That's kinda odd? But maybe it also has to do with what you're used to. I mean Kino was the first map I've ever played, and have been playing it since BO1 came out. I never played the other maps, so for me those would be a lot harder. What alo might be it is that Kino is a really small map. That might have different effects on players. I prefer small maps myself, because I always get lost in the bigger ones.