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  1. And I never even got the Thundergun or Ray gun once in my Kino plays, I hit the box a lot as well ._.
  2. I don't really like the BO2 maps either in general, from the maps themselves to the characters in it. I know the story of it, but for the rest of it it kiiiinda falls into oblivion for me. Origins is kinda doable? But it's still really big and I feel like it's kinda chaotic on solo unless you know exactly what you're doing and where you're going. And I can tell you I had neither of those in my head when I played it, except for exploring as far as I could. But then I got confused and turned around and I died Holy shit, and I thought getting Widow's Wine on the second round was overpowered. I wonder if that was just an insane amount of luck or if it really got nerfed that badly ._.
  3. I feel exactly the same way about Zetsu and Shadows, they're humongous. Nearly impossible to play nicely on when playing solo, and I noticed I have the same problem with Origins (note that I also haven't played much Origins by the way).
  4. I'd like to request the one year member medal and the Survive a total of 500 rounds medals: But I also have a question. Where or how can I see how many doors I opened and how many perks I've drunk in total? I couldn't find it anywhere.
  5. That's kinda odd? But maybe it also has to do with what you're used to. I mean Kino was the first map I've ever played, and have been playing it since BO1 came out. I never played the other maps, so for me those would be a lot harder. What alo might be it is that Kino is a really small map. That might have different effects on players. I prefer small maps myself, because I always get lost in the bigger ones.
  6. Really? That's an amazing coincidence, I hope you have fun!!
  7. I played it as well yesterday, and noticed that it is as well. I got good weapons out of the box, had nice perks fairly early on, etc. I only had to hit the box twice, I also played on solo. I can't tell you if player count makes a difference since I have no one to play with and thus only play solo, but I'd say it doesn't really matter since I could make round 20 easily by myself. What I also noticed was that there seemed to be a significant less amount of dogs (which to be honest I don't mind, I hate the Hellhound rounds), which also seemed to have a lot less health. What exactly makes it easier I don't know, but if they have indeed nerfed the zombies and the dogs then I'd say it's that. The gobblegums probably add to the easyness as well (that's not a word, I know :p), since they have some pretty powerful effects. I spawned a perk using one and so I had Widow's Wine on the second round.
  8. I'm from Assen in the Netherlands! The province is called Drenthe.
  9. I absolutely love how you worked in the radios by the way!!
  10. I'm wondering in the prologue, the perspective seems to switch between third person and Raines' perspective?
  11. This is amazing! Hats off to you for taking on such an enormous project, I'll be sure to read it!
  12. I really hope they'll be selling PDF's as well, because ordering something physical from America is expensive as hell.
  13. Holy crap, this is amazing! Hopefully we'll be able to buy them as PDF, but man I'm super exited!
  14. I usually go for revive first and try to find Jug as fast as I can, but this map has me walking in circles most of the time so it's hard for me to find things.
  15. I noticed later on that they change places, yeah I simply hadn't gotten any other perks yet on the map so I didn't notice until Revive had changed places.

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